The Best Push Present Ever (Giveaway!!)

When I was pregnant with Lovebug, and had no life other than trolling pregnancy blogs, and harassing my Husband... I learned about push presents (a gift from the father to the mother, for giving him the gift of a child).

It was very important to me that Husband pull through on this... and I pretty much reminded him once a week, like the annoying pregnant mammoth that I was...

"Push present.. feed me.. rub my back... push present."

I was probably super fun to be around.

Husband is a good guy so he more or less put up with my antics, but when faced with the push present pressure he always had the same response... "Ok...But what do I get for you?"

In the end... my Sister-in-Law helped him decide to get me this:

This, is my Kindle... which has been dead since a week after he gave it to me in 2009.

Now, a Kindle is a wonderful gift and my Husband is so sweet for trying, but really, neither one of us (or my Sister in Law for that matter) had any idea that after you have kids, "pleasure," reading comes in the form of picture books at bedtime.

Gone are the days when I had time to sit and read a book all by myself.

All that to say, last week I was contacted by the Loch Ness Monster of Men.

I had heard about this particular breed of man, but never really believed in their existence.

Until I spoke to Eric... the President of Juno Lucina, the only luxury jewelry brand that focuses solely on Push Presents for new mothers.

(I know... why didn't you think of that right??)

He asked if I would be interested in reviewing and giving away a diamond necklace.

I'm like... uh....

Does a bear shit in the woods?
Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?
Does cookie dough count as a meal?


Eric's story was similar to my own, except when he couldn't decide what to buy, he didn't go for the Kindle.

Instead, he founded a company whose sole purpose is to give Mother's something special, meaningful, and unique... to help them remember the day that they became a Mom.

All this just to make his wife happy... see, told you... he's the Loch Ness Monster Man.

It gets better, (or worse, if you are comparing him to your Husband)...

Eric went on to tell me that he decided to name his brand, "Juno Lucina," after the Roman Goddess of Childbirth, who is believed to protect mothers and babies during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

The pendant symbol is meant to portray Juno Lucina's hands cradling the heads of both mother and child; safeguarding them for the journey that lies ahead.

A push present with actual real honest to goodness symbolic meaning!

Who knew such a thing existed??

The more Eric talked, the more excited I got about the concept behind Juno Lucina: To spoil well deserving women on one of the most important days of their lives.

Who doesn't love that?

Plus, since it's a company created by a Dad, you know he's lookin' out for his boys when he throws in free 2 day shipping anywhere in the US...

He's all: "You forgot to buy the push present? No worries Ma Dude... I got you."

Plus it's online only...

So if your baby surprises you and pops out at 37 weeks, your Husband can shop online while he watches you and your bambino snooze it up in the Hospital.

Andplusalso... even opening the piece made me feel special:

It was like opening a brand new Coach bag or something, (an experience every Girl needs to have).

So now for the fun part... how to win one for yourself!!

Juno Lucina is giving away one necklace from their signature collection in either yellow or white gold!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter Entry form below! Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Fine Print: I was provided with a necklace from Juno Lucina's signature collection in return for doing a review and Giveaway... all opinions are my own. I honestly love the concept, and do believe that Eric is the Loch Ness Monster Man.

Pssttt... Click here to enter the Journey to Motherhood contest hosted by Juno Lucina for your chance to win a $1,000.00 piece of jewelry!! It only takes a minute!


  1. This is AWESOME!!! I love this guys idea... I never got a push present. We kept going back and forth and he (hubs) basically was waiting for me to tell him what I wanted and I was too vague and next thing ya know the boy is out and we moved on to buying diapers and cleaning up puke on the daily, so it got forgotten about (in all honesty I never really forgot, shhhh). Anyway, every baby daddy needs to know about this!

    1. You would be AMAZED at how many emails I have gotten from moms saying they secretly are still sad about a lack of push present!

  2. Um, damn. I remember when I was pregnant I read a blog about the push present someone's husband gave her and I was sooo... jealous. I told my husband about it and he said, "Do you want me to get you a push present? (right after he asked me what the fuck one was). I was kinda mad he asked because I didn't want to tell him yes and ASK for one, I wanted his ass to be sweet enough to realize I deserved one on his own. Anyway, he never got me one. That's why I think I need this. :D Seriously, do you really want to emotionally deprive me of it? Think about it...

  3. You are hilarious. Such a fabulous giveaway. Diamonds? Please and thank you. Fingers crossed.

  4. My husband and I lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year and are happily expecting our rainbow next year. This would be a double meaning, double push present. We didn't even have time to talk about push presents last time, but I'll definitely be educating him with this pregnancy!


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