Fall is here, and with it came the need to make my children wear shoes.

I would wear flip flops year round if I could.

And so would my Husband and siblings.

But now that it's cold, and rainy, and there are leaves on the ground... welp, the kids have gotta start covering their little tootsies, so as soon as October hit...I laid down the law.

Shoes it is, I said.

Lovebug was all... Ok, but not in the car.

That was a deal I could handle... so we shook on it, and I counted my blessings that there was no battle to be fought or won.

Ladybug, on the other hand...Gosh, she is the child I deserve for all the bull shit I put my parents through growing up.

What a pain in the neck that kid is.

She has decided that she hates anything covering her pretty baby feet, and insists on screaming and eating / throwing her socks... usually in that order.

First nom on them until they are a disgusting wet mop... then throw them out the car door as I am closing it behind me.

The girl is a hippie.

She just wants to dance, eat and have bare feet... now as much as that sounds nice to me... it is getting cold out!

I have tried slipper socks, velcro, shoe laces, boots... and they all get thrown right in my face.

When we decided to go to the Pumpkin Patch this week, I had had enough...

I was like... that's it... she's wearing shoes whether she likes it or not.

I'm the Mom, I make the rules, right?


Girlfriend doesn't listen, understand, or give a shit about anything I have to say when it comes to covering those tootsies.

Apparently, she who screams the loudest makes the rules.. and in our house, Ladybug wins that prize.

Her rules clearly state that if I put shoes on her in the car, before we arrive at our destination, she will in fact throw those shoes at her brother's head while I am driving.

Two shoes, means two chances to annoy her brother... and my Girlfriend, well she never turns down an opportunity to terrorize someone.

Here she is... looking pissed as hail about wearing those adorable little mocassins...

Which, by the way...

Hi, Target? Can we talk?

It is ROBBERY to charge $25 for kid's shoes... They don't even wear them! 

They throw them!

In case you weren't paying attention above...

I have an angry shoe hating troll for a daughter (whom I love dearly, and wouldn't trade for the world), so if we could just arrange for me to just get shoes for free...for life... that'd be great.

(Add that ruined sock to the collection.)


  1. Oh I hope my daughter doesn't hate shoes. So far so good. They make her wear them in daycare.
    $25 for kids shoes is crazy. Even when they do wear them, they outgrow them in 5 minutes anyway.


    Sometimes, I swear you are writing MY thoughts.

    My son {aka the devil} REFUSES to wear shoes. We have finally found a pair of nike sandals that he has worn EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 2 months. Oh, and of course he will wear a pair of way too big crocks.

    He did AMAZINGLY with a pair of TOMS last year. So I bought him a new pair recently {uhhhh huh 30 bucks for kids shoes}... but seriously the $30 is nothing compared to the torture he puts me through in the morning trying to get him to get shoes on.

    Anyways, TOMS... you know dont fix whats not broken. I even bought the EXACT SAME DINOSAUR ONES HE HAD.

    Now, he hates them. Wont wear them.

    Basically Im desperate to find a fall/winter shoe my son can wear.



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