Sandy Slumber Party

Just one last thing about that damn Hurricane; promise.

When she hit... Husband was out of town for the night...(why work trips are only scheduled during weather phenoms and when kids are puking is beyond me...)

Anyway...because I am a nervous wreck sometimes, I bribed my sister to stay with us.

I was like... "We have beer."

And she was like... "Yup."

So, it didn't actually take too much work on my part...and I felt 100 fafillion times more comfortable riding out the storm with my sister/bestie by my side.

When it started getting late, and the wind really started picking up... I decided that a tree was definitley going to come crashing down on our house.

I cant help it... I get anxious!

I casually suggested we all sleep in one room, at the front of the house... far, far away from trees.

I mean really... who can say no to sleeping with a one year old and a three year old in close quarters during a Hurricane?

How great does that sound right??

Of course, leave it to Lovebug to make things interesting.

The second he laid eyes on the air mattress I set up for my sister, he saw an octagon ring a la The Ultimate Fighter...

and basically spent the rest of the night choke holding slash beating the shit out of her.

Best sister ever.

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  1. Hahahaha, that picture will be a favorite for years to come. A funny memory of an unfunny weather storm.


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