So, you know we went to the Grocery Store yesterday, where we had a run in with a pirate... totally normal.

But do you know why we went to the store?

No, of course you don't... because I didn't tell you. Yet.

Lovebug is still nursing a fever of 102... we are on Day 3.

Yesterday we hit the Pediatrician's Office, where they checked him for mono (negative), and were more than a little concerned that he isn't eating ... at all.

The Doctor recommended Popsicles, any kind he wants, just to get the calories in, and keep him hydrated.

When I told Lovebug he could pick out any kind of Popsicles in the whole store, he instantly said... "I want the Avengers ones."

He knew these pops existed because I wouldn't buy them for him all summer long because they were $6 a box.

Now that summer's over? $3.50.

Shiesty little Popsicle pricing man, right?

Anyway, into the cart the Avengers went.

((Side note : Yes, I took my child who has a fever to the Grocery Store. That is what people do when they're Husband is traveling for work and their child is sick. Besides... judging from his reaction to the pirate, he is probably fine.... hot, but fine.))

Okay, anyway, into the cart they went... again.

Both kids got pops before bath, book, and bed.

By the time I was done cleaning up dinner, and finally sat down to some trashy reality TV... it never occurred to me that I hadn't wiped down Ladybug's tray.

Until this morning, when it was time for breakfast.

I didn't think much of it, I mean, it happens... until... I couldn't get it off.

Those damn Avenger's Popsicles stained my Girlfriend's high chair tray... like for life.

I tried everything... Green Works, 409, Vinegar... I even tried a little bleach.

Nothing worked.

I told Ladybug her chair was stained.

She took it well.

Then I told her she could have another pop if she stopped crying.

She got over that one quick.

Anyway, now we have a pink high chair tray... so, there's that.

The Fine Print: Please refrain from telling me I am a shitty parent for even allowing my children to eat Popsicles in the first place. Followed by not cleaning up after my children before going to bed at night. And then feeding my children something that has stained a piece of furniture in my home. I am not perfect and this is a judgement free zone... so, thanks but no thanks.


  1. Oh no! I just have to say it--you are the BEST!!

  2. Please. There is no such thing as a "perfect mom." I think I've done everything you did last night. More than once.

  3. Please. There is no such thing as a "perfect mom." I think I have done what you did last night more than once.

  4. try Mr Clean magic eraser - I save him for the impossible and he usually pulls thru!!


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