Moving on From Sandy...

A few months ago, I wrote about my Grandparent's beach house... where my siblings, my cousins, and myself spent much of our childhoods.

Yesterday... our family beach house survived Hurricane Sandy.

By, "survived," I mean... the house is still standing, and it could be much worse.

I am going to be honest.

These pictures make my heart hurt.

They make me very, very sad...

I know how hard my Grandparents worked to make every inch of that home beautiful, and these pictures just break my heart... for them.

But for all that these pictures are... more than anything, they are a shining example of how very blessed my family is.

All of this damage happened to a beach house...

A luxury; one that my Grandparents worked very, very hard for... but a luxury all the same.

We are well aware that many others were hit much harder by Sandy's wrath, and our hearts go out to them.

As for us... we are thankful that this happened to a piece of our family history, and not a piece of our every day lives.

We all have somewhere to go tonight.. with a warm bed, and food on the table... we all have our health.

This is a second home, a summer home... and with hard work and time... it is all fixable.

Sometimes I feel the need to blog these things to help clear my head, but also to give my family a record of how things were at a given point in time.

Four months ago things looked like this:

And now... they look like this:

But that's okay.

Because for as happy as my Grandfather was to have the entire family together on Father's Day...

I do believe watching us all work together to clean up Sandy's mess will make him just as happy.

Only then will he understand how much respect we have for the history that they have given us.

You don't just love a beach house when it's sunny... you love it when it rains, too.

And so... we are allowed to be sad, but only when it is combined with being grateful.

Things could have been much worse.

What are my Grandfather's thoughts on all this??

Let's just say he is not a man of many words... he believes in a good strong drink, sleeping in separate beds, and keeping your chin up.

He said this:

"It's just a house."

And there it is folks... it's just a house.

PS.... Click this link... for more advice from my Grandparents... I think almost all of it can be used here too.


  1. It's weird to see a hurricane hit up there. My parents power has been out since last night. Glad you guys are safe and that the beach house didn't take too much of a beating.

    1. My whole family has no power too.. did your folks get any damage to their home??

  2. Oh how I admire your grandfather for having such a great attitude.

    1. Me too. I am waay cattier and crankier than him!!

  3. I love that you have such a positive attitude about it! You're exactly right, it is just a house. Although it is still devastating, it can be fixed and I am sure the hard work done together will put a smile on everyone's face. Many people don't have this same attitude as you, and that's okay, but it is very refreshing to hear your positivity! Keep it up :)


  4. So sorry to see this damage. Thank goodness no one was hurt, though.

    You have a wonderful perspective on the big picture.

    1. Thanks... it would be ridiculous to complain when so many others are worse off!

  5. We've been watching with baited breath from over here in Australia - hoping that it wasn't going to cause too much damage. I am glad the beach house is still standing!! xx

    1. I just love Australians... you guys are the sweetest.


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