Lovebug Goes Shopping (Online)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a new online toy website called Hullabalu.

They wanted to know if they could send the kids a toy...

Um... hello, does a bear shit in the woods??

YES people, yes! Send us a free toy!!

I was so excited about this free-dom that I immediately grabbed the person closest to me (it happened to be Lovebug) and danced all around the kitchen singing...

"Someone wants to send us something FO' FREE! I got ninety nine problems but A FREE TOY AIN'T ONE!"

Just as I was about to really bust a move, a voice from the next room casually interrupted me....

It was Husband. Of course.

That guy really knows how to rain on a girl's parade... he was all:

"It's a stuffed animal. They want to send a stuffed animal."

Sigh... people. I hate stuffed animals.

My first instinct was to say, "Thanks, but no thanks..."

But I have to admit, I was honestly torn ...

I mean, this was legitimately the first time any company in the world had ever acknowledged the existence of my blog...

I decided to sit down and re-read this email from Hullabalu.

Turns out, they actually wanted me to check out their website, and pick out any one item that I liked for the Dolls... a website that was private; and invite only....

A website, that had not yet launched, but was being offered only to really special guests like me... and Honey Boo Boo's Mom.

So now... I was pretty much feeling like Beyonce...

I may have said:

"OMG, I am one of the few people on the planet that is privy to top secret toy and stuffed animal FBI information... I have to accept this award offer!"

And so... I sat with Lovebug, and let him do some shopping.

I immediately fell in love with Hullabalu because while we were just minding our own business...click, click, clicking away on the mouse... a little bubble popped up and said:

"Hey Clicky McClickerFace... use the arrows!"

Or something to that affect... whatever it was, I loved it... plus, using the arrows was something Lovebug could do on his own.

So Lovebug went to town hitting each arrow all by himself while I read him the cute and snarky bios of each of the toys.

This was Lovebug's first online shopping experience and using the arrows made navigating their site super easy... even for a 3 year old.

The two of us spent TWENTY FIVE MINUTES looking at every last option..

We actually had a great time doing this together, and Lovebug felt like a pretty cool dude being allowed to touch the keyboard without me blowing a gasket on him.

Who would have thought online shopping with a 3 year old could be enjoyable??

At long last, (translation: after we looked at every single animal seventy five times) Lovebug chose Gruffalo: The ugliest stuffed animal in all the land* (Not officially... just in my book).

Anyway, since Lovebug did the shopping by himself... I told him that when Gruffalo came in the mail, he could open it himself too.

Little Man dutifully checked the porch every day after nap time until one day... there it was.

Lovebug pretty much thinks he is a bad ass now that he clicked on Gruffalo, and then he just showed up at our door.

Now he's like... "Mom I want pizza...give me the computer I'll click it."

If you'd like to check out Hullabalu yourself, you can click here for a referral.

Special thanks to Hullabalu for making Lovebug so happy!!

*Hullabalu is currently working on their own exclusive line of stuffed animals and books, so if you check out the site and can't find Gruffalo, "the ugliest in all the land"... don't be sad! Other (prettier) options are on the way!


  1. Yay! They only choose the finest and most awesome bloggers to send free stuffed animals to. ;)

  2. We got the gruffalo too and love him! So fun! ;)

  3. Haha!! I just found your blog by seeing your story on the Babouka line. It seems like we've done some of the same reviews. So natch we have to be bloggie frands. I'm digging your writing. Thanks for making me smirk this morning. Which smirking in the a.m. is always hard for me to do...


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