Ladybug Makes The Rules...

My daughter was born loud.

She is the loudest effin' thing on the block.

Scratch that...Girlfriend is the loudest thing on the Planet... on all the damn Planets... Pluto included.

It works like this... she screams like someone is murdering her, and she gets what she wants.

It's a wonderful little life she has carved out for herself.

Sadly, we don't really have any choice but to just suck it up, and hope this phase passes when she begins to talk.

So... we have more or less taught Lovebug to just let her have what she wants, so she wont make him deaf by age 4.

He is super patient with her... sometimes even more so than Husband and I... and basically just takes all that she has to give, in order to make sure her big mouth stays shut.

I think this less than stellar cell phone picture pretty much sums up life with Ladybug....

Just make yourself at home why doncha?

::Sigh::... she is such a bully.


  1. Oh Lord, my daughter is becoming just like this! She has become so angry when I tell her no or take something from her or even when she's just tired or hungry and will scream her fucking lungs out!

    Can't say they didn't inherit their strong personality types from us though, right?

  2. That picture is amazing. I'm sure it's just a phase too. I mean, we can hope, right?


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