I'm Lovin'...

Life lately has been chock full of all the goodness and craziness that makes my hair gray, and my heart happy... here's just a few things that are making me smile these days.

Let's start with this dress (a gift from a friend when Ladybug was born) and these slippies (Target)... that my Girlfriend wore just long enough for me to snap this picture, before pulling them off and chucking them at my face.

I mean... come on... would you just look at that kid? I know.

Moving on, this kid's perma-smile makes my insides warm... it has been plastered on his face lately because Husband has stopped traveling so much for work.

Lovebug is always better behaved and happier when he has his whole posse in one place.

I am uber obsessed with these boots right now... which I searched, and waited, and prayed for, for two years.

Those are fingerprints on the mirror. (I have kids.)
If you have short legs and normal human sized calves (translation: most high boots don't fit you because you are not a flamingo)... these puppies have a kitten-ish heel and a belt buckle to make room for your muscles.

I even love them on this weird, toothbrush-carrying ninja.

They can be found here. On sale. Blonde cavity fighter not included.

I love that Ladybug's official "Facebook Share Holder," document came in the mail.

Even though I'm told that Facebook stock is worth less than a can of soup... it's totally going on the wall in her room and not in the Time Capsule.

I love this moment that our sweet friend captured... I was singing her a lullabye.

She was babbling along.

And finally... I love that my main man has been home so much lately... and so very present and active in our lives..

We truly appreciate and savor our time together because we spent months and months apart when Husband was in the Navy... and then full weeks apart with his most recent position.

Husband's new job is proving to be just what the doctor ordered for our family.

I honestly believe we earned and deserve this.

Our babies are happier every minute, of every day that he is home.

And of course, so am I.


  1. Very sweet post. I love that we both have Ladybugs!

  2. i have the steve madden intyce (which are sooo similiar to those). wore them yesterday. helloooooo fall.


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