Cakes, Part II

Learning to decorate cakes this past weekend, was only half the fun.

Bringing my masterpiece home to Lovebug.... was really the best part of all for me.

The cauldron / witch / combo cake was actually for my Mom... the biggest witch lover in the East.

She turns 29, again, this coming Wednesday (ironic, because I am 29, too)... so the cake was originally meant for her.

As luck would have it, my Dad had other plans for her birthday, that did not include being in the same state as my beautiful cake... and so to Lovebug it went.

I made a big deal out of planning a whole spooky day for him.

A pumpkin patch, the costume store, and getting a big giant witch cake...

It was the trifecta of Halloween-ness... and almost more than a 3 year old could handle.

When I brought that sugary delight into the house and put it in front of my doll... he was thrilled.

He didn't even want to eat it... at all.

He wanted to poke at the eyeballs...

And tear at the witch....

She lost her nose, both arms, and fingers within minutes of me walking in the door.

Her spoon was the first thing to go... he was all, "Oh, wook. A spoon for me..."

::plunk:: off the cake it came.

He couldn't stop poking it... and of course, the only part he wanted to eat was the blackness of the eyeballs... which stayed on his lips for the rest of the weekend.

Trial and error has taught us that the way to make life work with a 1 year old and a 3 year old... is to give each their own special time, and attention.

If it has to come in the form of a giant, sugary, delight... then so be it.

Especially... if he has no interest in eating it.

Didn't see that one coming.

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