Brain Dump....

Lovebug is sick... again.

And Ladybug is still non-stop screaming... like... just for the fuck of it, yelling her face off.

Sun up to sun down... she yells.

She's not sad... she's just loud. as. Hell.

I'm tired.

And I feel like I can't even put two sentences together to make an interesting blog post ...

So, bear with me... I am going to just empty out the contents of my brain, and hope it is worth the five minutes you spend here a day.

Here goes:

Last Season's Jeans: It is officially Fall here, which means I had to break out last Season's jeans.

Please tell me I am not the only one that tries on jeans by holding my breathe and shutting my eyes... thinking... please fit, please fit, please fit.

I mean, you never know what kind of damage you did all summer long at the Ice Cream truck until the leaves are falling and it's time to break out the long pants, right??

Thankfully my favorite jeans not only fit, but buttoned (kind of important).. with no muffin top!!

Take that Choco Taco.

Mudder!: It's no secret that I love the occasional four letter word.

I'm not really a, "cool beans", "sugar honey iced tea", "funky butt lovin'..." type of person.

When I had kids though, I had to dial my language in a bit... obviously.

Now, when I get hurt, break a glass, or get mad... I say, "Mother!"

We all know what used to come after that word before I had kids.... but now that I am The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe... I stick to just, "Mother!"

I'll give you one guess who has started yelling "Mudder!" every time he gets hurt, angry, or upset?

Yup... my sweet little Lovebug.

Oh well, at least he isn't F-bombing anymore.

Followers: Listen, I gotta be honest.

I have no idea why having blog Followers makes you credible to readers.

Sometimes I'll stumble onto a blog with 25 followers, and read something really frickin' amazing... and I am not scared away by their lack of followers.

Do you want to know why??

Because it doesn't matter... people can still read your blog without being a follower.

You wanna know how I know that??

Because I got 925 hits yesterday... not too shabby for someone who has nothing to say.

Plus, I only have 116 followers... so... follow that Sista.

Remember this?: Remember when I was on the radio for a DIY disaster??

I gave myself until December 31, 2012 to get that business under control.

Here's the thing... it's OCTOBER!

I better get on that shit, huh?


That's all I got... brain dump over.

If you made it this far, I am slow clapping for you on my side of the computer.

Oh, and if you're a follower... or if you're not a follower... I believe in equal opportunity... and I love you all the same....  buhhh-leee dat.


  1. followers smollers.

    i am completely guilty of dropping the f-bomb and have had to totally tone down my potty mouth. sigh.....

    last night the tv was on in the back ground while braeden and i were playing hungry hungry hippos... and the girl on tv yelled "adios bitches" and my son has not stopped saying it since.

    here's hoping he doest leave preschool today yelling "adios bitches"

  2. I'm a follower cos I think you're funny as f**k! I'm sure loads of people have you bookmarked and have an ol read every day. Lots o love from Ireland, xx


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