Something happens to little boys when they turn 3.

Their ears stop working.

I swear it's true, because Lovebug? Sucks at listening.

Like... He fails.

I am almost positive I have to repeat every single thing I say seventeen times... in order for him to pay attention once.

Nevertheless.... he knows the rules, and even abides by some of them.

For example... we had to enforce a, "No nakey booties on the couch," rule awhile back.

I mean... come on, the kid just never wore pants.

So now when Lovebug wakes up in the morning, he immediately strips off his diaper and throws on whatever pants I took off him the night before.

Just day old pants.

And on days like today... this new practice is really good for a laugh and a ::sigh::.... he is just so grown up.

The whole keg cup, silly string, backwards pants and crack-is-whack combo are screaming "FUTURE FRAT BOY..."

I am almost positive that's the look he was going for.


  1. oh my god, my 3 year old has stopped listening too!!! Im glad Im not alone. Even worse is when Im repeating for the seventh time and she just laughs! Drives. Me. Nuts.

  2. Hahaha! This is absolutely adorable and hilarious at the same time!


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