I do not like asking for help.

I am stubborn, and prefer to take the world on my shoulders.

And then... just when everything is going just swimmingly and there is food on my face, and the kids are screaming, and I am burning dinner...

I like to have a mini melt down when I see one of the kids eating my blush brush again.

Being strung out is so much more exciting than functioning like a normal person.

Don't you think??

I don't know who taught me that asking for help every once in awhile is a sign of weakness... but it's not!

Listen... if you're a new Mom, or a working Mom, or an old Mom, or a young Mom, or maybe you're about to be a first time Mom, or you're not a Mom at all....

Don't be a dumb ass (like me).

If people offer to help you, then they want to help you.

Take it!

Just freaking accept the help, and smile, and be a normal person.

And then, do us all a favor, and take a shower.


With no toys.

And lots of soap.

Self... I'm looking at you.

((Just a few of the people that ignore me when I insist I don't need any help.))

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  1. Being strung out sure is much more exciting. I'm one of those people who will take help, but almost never ask for it.

  2. oh man. me screaming at my husband and teenager last night... "you two better start helping around here, or this mama is going on strike"

    not an empty threat. i totally will.

  3. love you!! always happy to help<3


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