And Then There's This...

If you were to show up at our house right now... it would look like this:

Because my Girlfriend has started doing this:

Of course, pulling the chairs away from the table doesn't keep her from climbing on them... but it does keep her from climbing up the chairs and onto the table.

Like last week, when she did this:


That's a real life, totally cluttered with crap table... with a baby sitting in the middle of it.

I have no idea what was going on when this happened, because Husband was in charge of watching my Girlfriend.

Husband says he left the room for two seconds, came back, and there she was.

As a result... our house now looks like this, all the time.

I know you're too lazy to scroll up... so here it is again.
Andplusalso... note the picture frames on the far wall...

They are super crooked, and a couple are missing...

I took this picture last week, so there are even less hanging now... like subtract 3 more at this point.

Because not only does she scale tables and chairs.... she climbs couches and throws picture frames, too.

She literally just climbs up there, reaches up... grabs a frame off the wall and frisbees it at our heads.

It's a super fun dodge-ball-slash-picture-frame-throwing game we play around here.

I mean...seriously... is there anything more fun than living with a toddler??


  1. Oh boy!!!! That doesn't seem fun at all! :)

  2. Toddlers be crazy.

    Our toddler climbs chairs, too. But then she just sits pretty on them. It's about the only non-mischievious thing that she does.

    1. Ladybug started out that same way ! Just wait...your days of non table climbing are numbered!

  3. For a while we had our chairs against the wall with the table pushed up against them to secure them there. Oh the adjustments to babies on the move.


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