A Pirate!

(If you follow me on Facebook... then you already read the abbreviated version of this story. Sorry.)

Last night I took the Bugs to the Grocery Store.

Ladybug is riding in the kiddie basket majigger, and Lovebug is in the back of the bus cart (where the cool kids ride).

We are two feet in the door when I spot a teenage boy, probably around 18, in head to toe black.

He was Gothic in every sense of the word.

Now, I may be 5'1... and I may have anxiety... but I am not scared to meet a troubled teen wearing eyeliner in the produce section.

What I am scared of... is my son's diarrhea of the mouth.

So when I say that I tried to high tail it in the opposite direction, don't get me wrong... I am not judging the boy with the leggings and black nail polish.

Before I could maneuver my Bug mobile cart to safety, Lovebug spotted him... and was instantly on his feet.

You woulda thought the kid's ass was on fire he hopped up so fast...

And then... the finger.,. the dreaded pointing finger came flying up in the air...

I didn't know what exactly was coming, but I knew it was going to be something ridiculous, possibly even offensive.

"Mom!" he shrieked, obviously overjoyed by this spotting...  "Mom! Look! A pirate!"

And there they were... the words hung in the air as I three point turned us away from the Pirate...

I am silently praying that the pirate is deaf... maybe he didn't hear??

And just in case he wasn't offended the first time... don't worry...

You can always count on Lovebug to keep yapping.

And yap he did.

From one end of the store to the other, he was all:

"Mom! Did you see the pirate? Did you see him?"

"Mom! Did you see his hat?"

"Mom... can we go find the pirate so I can say, Arrghhh?"

Why yes, that is a vegetable steamer in his hand.

 It is also his, "friend," and a, "Ninja Turtle Shield."

I'm surprised you didn't know that.


  1. I laughed out loud at your pirate story. Dude. If I was an 18 year old gothic kid I would have thought that was hilarious! Nice move getting Lovebug out of there before he asked why he's not wearing an eye patch. Heh.

    Voting for you on the reg - yay for Top Baby Blogs!

  2. yes!!!!!!!!

    so, he is gonna be a pirate for halloween, right?


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