Weekend Quickie

We have a crazy ice maker.

I have no idea what it's problem is, but when we bought our fridge off Craigslist (problem 1), it was practically new.

The seller was like, "Okay... thanks, have a nice life. Oh yeh, and whatever you do, don't lay it on it's side because that will probably eff up the ice maker."

So you know Husband laid that puppy right on it's side like.. "Pfft... I'll show that guy.."

And then the ice maker didn't work when we got it home.

We spent $350 trying to get that thing fixed, and the Appliance guy was finally like... "You're losing money, I'm losing money... either buy a new ice maker, or stop calling me."

So... we gave up on the damn ice maker.

Then randomly three months later we hear a crash in the kitchen, and it's ice.

Lots of it.

Weird, I know.

Two weeks later, I go to get ice in my glass, and out comes butter.... because we had given up on the ice maker, we were using it as extra freezer storage (not smart, but efficient all the same).

A week later, out comes a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup... score! And also... what the??

Early this past Summer, I left my deododrant in the car and it melted.

Hoping I could save it, I tossed it in the freezer, and wouldn't you know it... my deodorant found it's way into the ice maker, and then... into my lemonade.

I know, that thing is weird as Hell.

All that to say... this post is not about the ice maker.

It's about how weird shit just ends up in weird places in our house.

Like today... when I was pouring the kid's goldfish out of one of those "mumungous," (Lovebug's newest favorite word) boxes of Goldfish... and what comes out... but a Batman cellphone.

I'm like... "What the what??"


And that... is how it goes at our house.

On the daily.

What can I say?

Life is like a box of Goldfish.... you never know what you're gonna get.

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  1. Your household seems like my kinda place! Chaos, craziness, cuteness and ice machines that shit out Reese's.

    Got a spare bedroom I can sleep in? ;)


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