Time Capsule

If you read Ladybug's birthday party post, you saw that we made her a Time Capsule, to be opened on her 18th birthday.

This is something we did for Lovebug too, and it was such a cool project.

It all started way back in 2010 when a then 11 month old Lovebug and myself, were at Wal-Mart.

I stumbled onto a giant bin of Limited Edition Coke bottles.... kinda like these  but without the Holiday labels.

Anyway... I saw these bottles for a buck, and I got to thinking about all those people that collect Coke bottle stuff from way back when... and I thought... hey, maybe this will be worth something some day.

And then I looked at my teeny, tiny, Lovebug baby and said... "I'm gonna buy this for you!"

And then I handed it to him, and he threw it on the floor... or bounced it off my head... something of that nature that I can't remember correctly right now.

Long story short, we decided to ask Lovebug's 1st birthday party guests to bring an item for a Time Capsule for him..

Why yes he is wearing a Tuxedo t-shirt to his 1st birthday party.

Let me just say... his Time Capsule fucking rocked.

There is actually serious potential that that kid could make some money off that thing.

He got a ton of stuff from the Inaugural Game Day at the new Yankee Stadium... a Playboy... and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember because I haven't looked at it in 2 years... but I know for sure... it's full of the good stuff.

Ladybug's Time Capsule on the other hand... is chock full of stuff that she will be like "WTF is this?" when she opens it in the year 2029....

Don't worry, both Time Capsules have a note from Mommy and Daddy outlining the Rules ( they must SPLIT the goods evenly with any and all siblings if anything is worth money).

Without further or due... I give you... Ladybug's Time Capsule:

((Side note: I love this box.))

What's in there??

All this craziness...

Let me break it down for you:

1. I stuck the banner that I made with Ladybug's monthly pictures in because I figured when she opens it in 17 years I can throw it up on the wall for a cool decoration. Yes, I am already thinking of how I'll decorate for her 18th birthday.

2. Girlfriend got 6 magazines...I have been trying to read them verrry carefully so that I wont crinkle any pages. They will eventually (ie.. when I'm done reading them) live in Zip-Lock bags to preserve them.

3. A dear friend of ours loved the story about Ladybug eating deodorant so much, that she bought her some for her Time Capsule. Also in that little corner is a koosh ball, a container of those weird grape juice drops (I don't know the name of them and I already re-packed the box, too lazy to look), and a Laffy Taffy blueberry lip gloss.

4. My Prom dress, and my favorite dress of all time... (besides my wedding dress, obvi).

 5. You can't really see it, but it's a package of mechanical pencils, which will probably be long gone by 2029.

6. A makeup bag from my Brother and Sister in Law with a $2 bill inside.

7. Number 7 is still wrapped but I believe it is a box of 2012 coins. I had no idea that you could buy something like this, buy my Father in Law did, and also put a box in Lovebug's Time Capsule too.

8. Iphone 3 with original box... she will prob be like... "OMG. THIS IS THE BIGGEST PHONE EVER!" when she opens it... and then go back to talking on her stick of gum phone.

9. A magnetic pad with the Lorax logo on it... made of Recyled paper.

10. Number 10 is kind of hiding, kind of on purpose. It is a stack of pictures of me working out pregnant with Ladybug. Some are scary to look at. Who knew boobs could even get that big?

11. Fake flowers... every girl loves flowers.

12. Fifty Shades of Grey. (I promised Husband I wouldn't steal it)

13. Lady Gaga and Reebok Crossfit bracelets.

And... because this is now the longest post ever, this is TO BE CONTINUED... so I can show you two things that aren't in the picture above, but are my favorite, favorite, favorite Time Capsule gifts.

You're dying to know what they are... aren't you?

Admit it... you're on the edge of your seat... amIright?


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