Time Capsule... Part II

Sometimes I want to stick my head out the window and yell, "You Wish Our Friends Were Your Friends!"

But I never do, because, for starters, that's weird, and not really nice.

Plus, I made a deal with my neighbor the day we moved in that I would never give them a reason to have to call the cops... and hanging out the window is questionable on that front.

In any event, we have the greatest friends... I love them more than Double Stuffed Oreos and THAT is saying something.

They all went above and beyond for Ladybug's Time Capsule... especially the ones that gave her this:

I know.

How thoughtful is that???

Don't you think I should keep this Alex and Ani Ladybug bracelet for myself??

Just keep it safe for the next 17 years??

Good thing the Time Capsule box is Velcro...

I can just take that thing in and out whenever I'm feeling fancy... which for me means combing my hair, and making sure there is no food on my shirt (just keepin' it real).

My other favorite Time Capsule gift?? One that also may not ever get sealed into the box??

Sigh... this book.

I cried when I opened it.

It is chock full of photos from this little ol' blog here, and it tells Ladybug the story of the first year of her life.

The coolest part is that it is told by someone else's voice other than mine... it's nice to read things like, "You have the greatest parents ever."

And know that I didn't pay someone to write that.

Other things that are slowly but surely making their way into the Time Capsule are pearls from my parents (they gave them to my sister's and I on our 21st birthdays), and Facebook stock.

The last thing to go in before I close the box until the next time I steal the ladybug bracelet for good, will be Ladybug's monthly updates.

I thought it would be cool for her to read them when she turns 18, and has a big birthday dinner with all her friends.

I can just picture her wearing a turtle neck and talking about the importance of saving herself for marriage, or of becoming a Nun.

Who am I kidding... she will probably not read them at all, and instead laugh in my face, while making an origami beer bong out of them.

Oh well, it's the thought... right?

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