The Weaned, The Snuggly, & The Weird

Ladybug is officially off the boob sauce.

I am of proud of her, and myself, for making it 12 months and 3 weeks... breast feeding is hard work.

Especially when we are talking about exclusive breast feeding, no bottles, no pumps, no formula.

It was a choice I made... and I am so happy to have stuck it out... even through the night's that she had me up nursing SIX TIMES... it was all worth it.

Truth be told, now that I am done nursing her... I want to rewind every minute of the last year, and watch closer, squeeze tighter, remember better.

It has been 8 days since Ladybug kicked her boob habit, and the only real change is that Girlfriend wants to hug, hug, hug anyone who comes in her path.


She throws herself on top of me, into my lap, at my feet...  just to get some skin to skin contact.

And if I'm not in reach... she corners her brother and hangs on for dear life.

Lucky for her... Lovebug is super patient and happy to hand out choke holds disguised as hugs any day.

Oh yeh... and then there's this... which just happened to start at the end of breast feeding.

Lovebug asks if he can, "Nurse," his sister, and pulls out the boppy...and asks for her on his lap...

Husband would probably put a stop to the shenanigans right there, but I'm like, "Sure!"

 And toss her on his lap...

Of course, no nursing goes on... just some cuddling, some lullabies; and a few good old fashioned bitch slaps for good measure.

When that little boy holds his sister in his arms and sings, "You Are My Sunshine,"... well, I don't care who you are, and how weird you think my kids are... that right there is adorable...

Weird... but adorable.

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