The First Day Of School!

He was a little nervous, and if you remember, I had vowed to be the most confident, excited, cheerleading Mom on the planet.

So when Lovebug came into the kitchen and saw the master piece I had worked on for way too long the night before... I tried to be the happiest freaking Mom that kid ever laid his Captain America loving eyes on.

And that little shit walked right up to my chalk board Mona Lisa and rubbed his squeaky clean mitts all over it.

My brain was all...

"Awesome... don't cry... don't cry... it's just a stupid picture that you spent twenty five minutes on. Only bad Mom's yell on the first day of school."

Eventually we got him dressed, and ready to go... you know, Traditional First Day of School Style.

Once we got him in the car, he was still a little anxious, and I was trying not to cry when he said:

"You're NOT gonna yeave me. You CAN'T yeave me. I don't want to go to school A-YOOONNNE!"

I was begging Husband to talk so I wouldn't have to.

Thank God, again, for my Husband.

Tip Number 1 for parents that will have to do this one day... bring both parents... it was 100 billion times easier than I thought it would be because Husband was there with us.

Lovebug knew his way around the toys since we hit up two Open Houses at School last week... so once he got into the classroom, he showed Husband every little thing.

He was excited, and happy to be there.

We hung out for about 15 minutes...

Long enough to let Ladybug walk around like she owned the joint...

She was basically the Meet and Greet team... and would have totally stayed if we would have let her.

We stayed a few more minutes... long enough to watch a little girl HAVE A FUCKING HEART ATTACK when her mom left..

And still a little longer to prove to Lovebug that there was nothing to be scared of... and then... it was time to go.

Husband just pulled Lovebug aside and said...

"Okay, Bud... we're gonna go grab some diapers, we'll be right back."

(Tip Number 2... Lie to your Preschooler... but only on the first day.)

Husband, by the way, was super sad himself and was worked up in his own quiet man way.

When it was my turn for squeezes I dove in head first and got some great ones... the first time I asked.

But when I said... "Can I get one more?? Just one..."

And then stole fifty two of them...

Lovebug STRONG ARMED ME... and was like... Okay, Mom. Enough.

Then, he walked back towards the toys... looked over his shoulder once to yell..


And that was it... our little man was a preschooler.

I cried in the parking lot...

In the car...

All the way home...

And then I stopped, and that was that.

While he was at School...Husband and I kept commenting about how freaking QUIET our house was without Lovebug around to terrorize the place... and give it the love that it needs.
We watched the clock like hawks and were there five minutes early to see our little man play on the playground with his new friends (who have no names he tells me... interesting).

As soon as he saw us he stopped what he was doing, and ran full speed ahead for bear hugs and kisses.

He was beaming, super happy, and had been totally comfortable without us.

He did awesome. We were bubbling over with pride... there was no sadness left.

Onwards and upwards.

Before he said anything else... not a word about his day... the toys... the kids.. nothing...

The very first thing he said was:

"So..Mom, Dad... how was getting diapers?"

Isn't he the sweetest?

I couldn't be more proud of our little man, who is always thinking of others before himself.



  1. Thanks for the advice on what to do the first day of school. I know I'm gonna be an emotional mess. I will definitely make my hubby be there with me.

  2. Awe- it sounds like his first day went perfect! Sounds like you did a pretty damn good job of keeping your cool in front of him too

  3. So... how WAS getting diapers? ;) He's so sweet. I'm glad you all had a great first day.


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