Life Lately...

Here's a quick peek into the mundane, day to day nonsense that is keeping me tied up, and away from blogland (tear).

Shopping... or, not shopping.

We are going to need to work something out here TJ Maxx, because these freaking carts are too small for two kids... and then what the Hell am I supposed to do??

Do you have any idea how hard it is to maneuver two carts down a toy aisle with two kids launching themselves at the shelves like savage beasts?

You're gonna need to offer a bigger cart for those of us that can afford to shop, but can't afford a babysitter (real talk)... or I'm gonna need to invest in a leash.

Ladybug rockin' a ladybug. Boo-yah.

 Is there anything in the WORLD better than construction vehicles in your very own neighborhood??

No... no there's not.

Mom's of little boys are out there shaking their heads like... "Amen Sista."

 Little boys + construction toys = love forever.

If you happen to have eagle eyes... yes Lovebug is holding something random in his hands (per usual)... no they are not scissors (hello, give me a little frickin' credit here people).

They are kitchen tongs... because... obviously.

I made this wreath the other day while Lovebug was at school (people... I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but having one kid is ONE BILLION TIMES EASIER than having two).

I just googled "felt / fleece / flower tutorial" and went to town.

All it took was 7 bucks, two hours, and almost all of the skin off my finger tips... damn glue gun.

Girlfriend learned to play Peek-A-Boo (andalso... to say, "Thank You" and blow on her own food!)

She thinks it's hysterical.

Those fat hands over that fat face... I die.

I cant even stand this kid she is so cute sometimes.

So... that's a little bit of what's been going on around here lately... nothing ground breaking, but ours all the same.


  1. How the hell do you get motivated to make a freakin felt wreath lol?!?!?!?! If I get the bottles washed, or some clothes put away... I am proud of myself.

  2. dude. you made all those flowers! im jealous.

    can you make the flowers and send them to me ;)


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