Ladybug's 1st Birthday Party EVER

I planned this party for months, but I have almost no pictures of the party decor-business.

These pictures are of our family, and our birthday girl... so I guess you could say, I was a good Mom, and a bad blogger.

Just imagine an explosion of cupcakes and polka dots covering every visible surface, and that was our day.

Okay... one million pictures... go.

A few things...

Yes, you can see Ladybug's real name in some of these pictures.

Let's just pretend the Internet is full of only non-crazy people so my anxiety doesn't go through the roof about it.

Also, yes, we let her dive head first into amazing cupcakes made by one of her favorite people... that's what baths are for.

My insanely talented sister painted the Happy Birthday sign with the cut outs for photo ops... she is so wonderful to our children.

Those of you that are super observant, and/or memorize my blog... may have noticed that Girlfriend made an outfit change for her cake smashing/eating extravaganza.

That's because she is a diva, and because her sweet God Mother made her a  cupcake and polka dot dress, which she wore for her first birthday mess fest.

She wore her Etsy outfit, or her, "Kentucky Prom Dress," as Husband calls it... the rest of the night.

Her cake was massive, and no, I didn't make it... Husband's talented cousin did (Fun Fact: she also made our wedding cake).

The green frames for her Time Capsule (more on that later this week) & Welcome note were actually just cheap-o black frames from the Dollar Store that I spray painted green and glued cupcake and ladybug erasers on.

With the help of my friend Erin, and some painting from my sister, the giant Dr. Seuss-esque cardboard box truck was born.

I went Dumpster Diving (they were actually just sitting outside the appliance store, but dumpster diving sounds more bad ass) for a washing machine and fridge box the week before.

If I know one thing about kid's, it's that they freaking love the crap out of cardboard boxes... even if they look a little ghetto.

Husband and my big brother were obsessed with attaching those balloons to my car... nothing says First Birthday Party like making your house look like a Car Dealership.

My brother wanted to take it one step further and put FOR SALE signs on all the cars out front.

I know.

These are the people I associate with... they are why I am a little kooky myself... and why my life is kinda crazy.

I think that's all the boring details that I can think of... things I know I will want to remember one day, and you readers probably wont care about, well, any day.

We had a fantastic day, and are so fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives...

We know for certain that our Doll turning 1 actually meant something to our guests... and not just to us.

Our family and friends are good like that...

And so are all of you.

So thanks, for celebrating with us, and for dealing with my endless 1st birthday blabbing... I promise, that's the end of it.


  1. HOW CUTE! Looks like a great time and like you put a lot of thought into planning everything. Girlfriend is so cute with frosting all over her adorable little face!

  2. great attention to detail! can't believe she is one already!!

  3. I love her name... she even looks like a baker.. so cute!!!!

  4. In love with the first picture...great details!


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