Going Away... Sans Babies

Husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past weekend... it was, spectacular.

We took our half decade anniversary as an opportunity to go away.

 Alone... just the two of us (which happened to be something on my 29 in 29 list... two birds, one stone, booyah.)

This was the first time that I had ever left Ladybug overnight.

I was a tad anxious.

Plus, I had just stopped nursing, and Lovebug had just started school... so my emotions were already insane...

Add leaving the kiddos overnight to the mix, and I was pretty much in the fetal position.

But...once I was seated on the patio of a brewery far, far away from home...and I was eating without having to wrangle two tiny humans between mouthfuls... well, I was feeling pretty alright.

To be honest... we left the house at 4 pm on Friday and were home by nap-time on Saturday so... it wasn't like we left the country... but it was the perfect amount of time away.

What did we do??

We went to a cool little town, with lots of unique little shops...

We went out to breakfast, dinner, and ice cream (not all in a row)...

And... we went to the most AMAZING candy store on the planet.

Seriously, we went on vacation, to a candy store.

Do you hear the angels singing when you look at that picture??

Come on... admit it, it looks delicious.

We spent more than an hour getting totally over excited (a la our kids) about silly things in this place...

Because our candy vacation spot was full of ridiculous things that almost no one ever buys...

Like this:

 Why yes... yes I did just post a picture of myself on the Internet with a turkey on my head and a frowny face mask.

We kept saying... we can stay longer... we have nowhere to go... take a picture of this... take a picture of that.

So we did...

I am a total loser and kept telling Husband to throw up a whole hand (because it was our whole hand anniversary) in pictures....

And he was a total loser and spent $18 on J-E-T-S colored M&M's.

Husband is like a giant child, and would have spend hundreds of dollars on all sorts of ridiclous shit that no one, no one, no one needs in their life... if I'd let him.

We were both giddy excited about this place (or maybe it was the taste of freedom?)...

It was really fun to poke around and look at this weird stuff, but I really hope no one buys it... at least, not this stuff:

We had the most fabulous time just being together...

And it was really nice to take time out to remember that we are more than just parents... we are Husband and Wife... and best friends.

Best friends who... did not take one single solitary picture together on our trip.


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  1. Ummm I think the squirell underpants are awesome. Glad y'all had a nice little getaway!


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