Doing It Himself

In honor of his Godmother's/Aunt's birthday last week, we let Lovebug pick out presents for her all by himself.

We headed to the Dollar Store with a few dollars and a mission... let him do it alone.

That was it.

Admittedly, this mission was only hard for me, because he was pretty much shopping for himself at first.
If I hadn't stepped in and grabbed a few things out of the basket and tossed them over my shoulder, my sister would have gotten nothing but Avengers Puzzles and Water Bottles for her 27th birthday.

You're Welcome, Sister.

Aside from sneaking a few super heroes out of his basket, I let Lovebug totally do this thing... it was adorable to see how much thought he put into it, (after he figured out that the gifts weren't for him, anyway).

It took a long time... like, AN HOUR.

But it was really exciting for him to be able to pick out everything himself.

It was actually kinda cool to see him have a legit opinion on what she would and wouldn't like.

For example... I was super proud when he went for this little owl guy... yay, owl trend!

But when I told him I loved Mr. Owl, he instantly put it back and grabbed one of those scarecrows up above it... boo.

When all was said and done, what'd he end up buying you say??

I'm so glad you asked.

He bought this:

After laying all this goodness out for me to snap a picture, Little Man wrapped this crap stuff up all by himself (gift bag, tissue paper, callitaday)... and waited patiently for the birthday girl.

He could barely contain himself when she finally showed up.

It was so nice to see him on the opposite side of gifts for a change... to be the giver, not the receiver.

He loved it... and, of course... so did she.

We will 100% be doing this again, for every birthday that comes our way.

So get ready folks... the craps a comin'!

You know you've always wanted a glow in the dark ax.

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  1. I think that is adorable and she probably treasures it since he picked it out. My girl could give my brother a booger and he would frame it!


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