Baby Legs

I am obsessed with baby thighs... the yummy, squishy, over flowing fatso kind.

I mean that in the least weird way possible.

Is there anything more scrumpious in the WORLD than chunky baby legs??

I think not.

UNLESS... you squeeze those chunka-munkas into a pair of baby legs... and then, well then you get this ridiculous-ness.

She looks stupid cute in those things.

Husband was like... "What the fuck is she wearing? Take them off."

Admittedly, this whole Mack Truck / thigh high / leg warmer look did remind me of an Aerosmith video .. but when I explained the innocent, ingenious-ness that is baby legs to him...

Husband was like... ::sigh::  "Fine. She still looks dumb though."

Fair enough.

Good thing he was on board, because I had already bought 3 pairs anyway.

I actually wish I had bought these for my Girlfriend when she first started crawling, instead of when she first started walking (duh)...

But... they are still super useful, as she prefers to crawl because then she can go fast as Hell... in a semi-straight line...

Instead of her drunken sailor, side to side, crazy woman walk.

Andplusalso... she falls ninety seven times a day..but now her sweet skin is protected and ready for action.

Baby legs were definitely made by a woman... one whose little dollface baby probably kept getting scratched legs while crawling around on the floor.

This woman (FYI... this is a made up story, but I would bet my life it's close to accurate).... was so super duper smart that she had the foresight to think... hey, I want my baby boo's legs covered... but not with pants, because then I'd have to pull them off for diaper changes.

So she created socks... for their legs... making diaper changing a piece of cake.

ESPECIALLY if you're child is a pain in the ass and flails their legs when you try to put pants on them (like mine does).

I don't know who you are inventor of Baby Legs... but you are invited to Thanksgiving Dinner and you are also my new best friend.

I love that Girlfriend looks stupid cute in these puppies.

I honestly laugh all day when she rocks them...

Plus, her legs are protected from rough surfaces and crawling hazards in general.

The best part is...she loves them too.

She actually sits still and is super patient while I squeeze her into these puppies, and once their on... she takes off like... boo-yah...

"Cant nobody take my pride... can't nobody hold me down.. oh no... I've got my baby legs on!"

 And... because Girlfriend loves you just as much as she loves 90's rap... she talked the owner of this etsy shop into offering Our Tiny Place readers a 10% discount on Baby Legs... now through October 1st.

Enter FUNKYLEGS at Checkout and get in on this cuteness!!!

((Overflowing squishy thighs not included.))

**I paid full price for Girlfriend's baby legs... and they were worth every penny. As always... I was not perked, or paid and my opinions are all my own. But hey...if you want to perk or pay me...well come on then.. I'm ready and excited!


  1. Now all she needs is a little barbel and some lifting shoes.

  2. How cute! I'll have to check out that Etsy shop and see if I can find something cute for my own little chunker. :)

    1. Sean... I am cheap and have no life so I searched Etsy top to bottom, and she had the best prices!

  3. Love babylegs! Hoping for a girl someday bc the girl ones are way cuter than the boy ones!!


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