More Free Gardening (Spoiler: We Spent Money Anyway)

The idea to steal plants from my mom, was actually, my mom's idea... nice lady, huh?

So Husband went out into her yard with a shovel and a bucket, and we stole a whole bunch of hosta plants.

Which, come to find out later, cost $20 a pop at Lowe's.... booyah.

Once we divided our stolen plants into had five smaller ones, we had saved ourselves 100 big ones.

Thanks Mom.

So, the boys got busy getting dirty... and then Husband and I decided we were to lazy to head back down to my parent's house to steal more flowers.

A few nights later, we found a local nursery open late (Gym first, flowers second)...

And they were having a sale on perennials... so we bought a bajillion of those puppies.

Of course, all of this is very anti-climatic and boring for all of you because when we got home it was dark, so even though my cute Husband stayed outside until 9:30 planting, there are no pictures to show for it.

The garden saga will just have to be continued another time.... please, hold your applause... I know the anticipation is killing you.

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