Inspiration Anniversary

It's funny the things we choose to remember.

Today marks an anniversary of sorts for Husband and I... two years ago today, Husband and I began CrossFitting.

You would be hard pressed to find a CrossFitter who doesn't remember their first workout... almost dying on a Gym mat has that affect on people I guess.

When we started CrossFitting, Lovebug was fourteen months old, and I was still trying to find my way as a new Mom.... in a new town, with no friends.

I was in a rut, I had no motivation, no inspiration.

I had become what I swore I wouldn't... I was 100% Mommy, and I lost myself... I lived for Lovebug, and made no time for me.

Here's where the anniversary of CrossFit turns into something more than just working out.

Two years ago today, I met a group of women who inspire me to my core, and make me want to treat myself better... make myself a priority.

The day we started CrossFitting, I became a part of a community, and I became a better spouse, and parent... because I found inspiration in others.

In a world where women are cutting and cruel to one another... I found a group of women who are strong, dedicated, and supportive.

Before CrossFit, I didn't know women like that even existed.

These women challenge themselves, and work hard to reach goals that seem absolutely unreachable and insane (at least to me)... and then, they do it... they complete those goals and then some.

You know what else they do??

They support me... they know my strengths, and my weaknesses... they know when to cheer me on, and how to do it.

They know when I can try harder, and when I should stop and breathe.

Maybe it is all related to my love of competition, or of seeing others succeed... but when I first set foot in a CrossFit gym, I wanted SO BADLY to do what these women were doing. 

And now I do.

And you know what?

I am nowhere near as good as any of my friends.

I am half way decent at a lot of things, while my friends are knocking it out of the freaking park awesome.... at everything.

And when they accomplish something new, I am ecstatic for them as if I did it myself....and vice versa, for real.

Women need that in their lives... a gaggle.

A pack of women who make them want to be better; in life, work, play... wherever.

And not only that.... a pack of women who want to see you succeed too.

In a strange way... they helped me re-find myself... the person I was before I became someone's Mom.

Two years ago I was lonely, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

Two years ago, I found motivation to empower myself in a way that I never ever thought possible.

In the last place I thought I'd find it.

Sometimes when you least expect it, life gives you exactly what you need.


  1. Wow, very inspirational! Makes me definitely want to consider doing this. I have some baby weight left to lose which makes me feel pathetic, but I really think I need a hardcore support system to help me out.

    Btw, I would love to see a before and after of you since starting crossfit.

    Also, did you continue doing it while pregnant with Ladybug? Stupid question I'm sure, but I'm curious if you still did it while pregnant and just toned it down a bit.

    1. I will gladly email you my before and afters from when I first started if you email me your contact info. And yes ... I crossfitted in a very modified version until 3 days before I delivered! There are pictures somewhere on this blog o mine .... stalk away!

  2. Ahh, my brother started crossfitting about a year ago and swears by it. His wife has even gotten into it recently, too. I'm definitely considering this after I have surgery. I love the idea of a "support group" of sorts. And p.s. you're HOT, lady!

    1. Aw you're sweet...I try not to talk about CF too much on my blog because people can sound kinda crazy obsessed with it. The very best thing I got out of joining was tons of new friends, and a new zest for life! You should definitely try it after your surgery!


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