Growing Up...

The kids had joint physicals last week at the Pediatrician.

I know. WTF was I thinking right?

Well, I have to say... thanks to this kid... it was no big deal.

I'm pretty sure that is the most still my son has ever sat in his life.

He was an angel.

He was cooperative, and inquisitive.

I can barely eek these next words out without getting a giant lump in my throat.

He is a boy now...  not a baby.

I told our Doctor that I LOVE age 3 waaaay more than age 2... and she laughed.

A lot.

She was like..."Wow he musta been a BAAAD two year old... cause three year olds are the worst!"

I have heard that 3 year old's are hard work, but compared to the terrible two's... we are loving this age.

The main reason, is that Lovebug understands now.

He knows the difference between right and wrong, and he is aware of consequences.

He doesn't want a Time Out now, so he behaves and hasn't had one in ages.

Life is much more peaceful with a child who can comprehend the way a household works.

We are loving this age.

The silly faces...

The new opinions ("I want a pillow that is cold Mom, not soft,")...

The curiosity mixed with just enough bravery... and a tiny bit of fear.

He climbed all the way up there, but wouldn't slide down.
He is growing and changing every day, but there are still signs of my baby in there.

For starters... he is still doing this...

...Which I kinda hope he never stops doing... (I mean, it'd be weird to see a ten year old doing this, but it'd be funny, too.)

He still calls the basement the, "dumpy-dump."

He still calls lollipops, "yummy-pops."

He still wants, "Snuggle-Time," with me every morning... and or me to lay next to him and read a book every night.

Age three has brought such a new awareness to Lovebug, he is voicing his needs more about the kind of attention he needs... which helps take the guess work out of things for us.

Things aren't perfect, of course... but we are finally breathing easy after the tough spring we had with our then defiant little boy.

We cracked the case that was Lovebug's terrible-two year old attitude:

He needed more attention, and now... the more one on one time he gets, the happier he is, and the easier our lives run.

What a doll, right??

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  1. Such a good boy! I am dreading the terrible two's, btw.


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