Greener Cleaner

I was super duper excited to receive a big box of free products from Green Works in the mail a few weeks ago.

They were looking for Mom's to test their products and I jumped up and down and threw myself at the feet of the people in charge begging for free goods casually sent in an email, and hoped for the best.

Fast forward to the bing bong of my doorbell and the UPS man handing me a package full of this:

This is when you know you are A) Old. and B) A loser.

I was clapping my hands excited about getting free cleaning products in the mail.

So much so that Lovebug was all...

"Mom... is it candy? Why are you happy?"

Here's the truth:

I, of course, care about the environment, and my kid's being around natural products.

I put my huge, full, recycling bin out every Tuesday, and I return cans for 5 cents a piece once a week.

But... I don't usually buy Green Works products, because they are semi-expensive, and I usually go for what's on sale.

I am cheap. I know this.

Anyway, when the goods came in the form of free, wrapped in cute recycled confetti (hello, how adorable is Green Works?)... I couldn't wait to get my scrub on.

(I told you. I'm a loser.)

Especially because when my Girlfriend eats... she looks like this:

What is even happening here? How does one get food in their eyebrows?
I'm sure you can imagine what her high chair looks like if she looks like that...I knew these products were in for a rude awakening, and honestly... I had little faith.

I was wrong. And surprised.

The Green Works All Purpose spray product laughed in the face of Ladybug's disgusting tray... with zero elbow grease required on my part (for a change!).

I was so impressed, I headed straight for our sliding glass door aka... grubby hand print head quarters.

I was seriously shocked to find the All Purpose Cleaner worked BETTER than the glass cleaner I usually use.

Again and again, all around my house Green Works easily wiped away the mess of eleventy thousand two children.

I could not believe how well it worked. For real.

On the flip side... I think the disposable wipes kinda suck.

I couldn't get the freaking lid open, and because I am graceful like a ballerina, I just broke that shit and yanked the whole lot of them out at once.

Then I wasn't that impressed with them anyway.

They were a 1 and the Spray Cleaner was a 10.

The Dish Soap, well.. I could take it or leave it.

I mean it was free, so I'll take it, but it kinda seems like every other dish soap I have ever used.

Let's be real here folks, there is nothing fun about cleaning a frying pan, no matter what you're using.

Since receiving my box-o-green-goodies in the mail I have broken the lock off my wallet and bought the spray cleaner... TWICE.

Don't judge... tiny humans are dirty little creatures.

I 100% recommend the All Purpose Cleaner... even if you are cheap (ain't no shame in it)... cause it just works better than the other products out there, and Hello... it's not going to fill your babies lungs with chemicals you cant pronounce.

Annnd... in case you are wondering, and in the spirit of keeping it real:

Green Works does not know or care if this blog exists... and really honestly just wanted my opinion.

BUT... in case Mr. Green Works is out there reading:

I will never turn away a case of your All Purpose Cleaner.

It allowed me to toss multiple chemical laden products, it stole my heart, and I love you.

I mean... thanks for the free stuff.


  1. Great review! I agree I love the spray!! I would buy by the gallon and make my own cleaning wipes.
    I'm a cheapo but my bottle of Greenworks has lasted months so I'll buy again!

  2. I'm sad that the wipes don't work because I'm a sucker for the regular Clorox wipes. My mom uses the all purpose spray so I might have to try that out myself.

  3. I liked the wipes. I thought they smelled nicer than the spray and were nice, thick fabric. Although I don't like the idea of disposable wipes in general. My only vote against the spray was the unnecessary green colorant added. I think they should just bottle the clear solution that the wipes are soaked in.

  4. Costco sells the spray in bulk! Helps save a little :). Melis


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