In honor of my Girlfriend's First Birthday and hitting 100 followers this week (finnaaaaaaaalllly!)... I am doing a Giveaway!

Wooo! Free Stuff!!

Ladybug's first birthday party (EVER!) is this weekend and it is Cupcakes and Polka Dots themed.

I have been working over time polka dotting and frosting everything in sight for her big day...

I even made this:

I know. I am practically Martha Stewart.

I decided that I wanted to wear a cupcake necklace to the cupcake party... because  I am nothing if not over thematic / a loser.

After a little searching I found a fantastically affordable and cool shop on Etsy called Fancy Fab, where I got the cutest, and tiniest little pink cupcake necklace with... you guessed it...polka dots on it.

Weird but True Fact: I never had freckles until I got pregnant and had kids.
I know.

I couldn't believe it existed myself... a cupcake necklace... food you can wear? Yes please.

I was clapping-my-hands-slash-squeaky-voiced happy about this one.

Then things got even more exciting when the Fancy Fab shop owner, Jande, offered up a similar charm on a 20 inch ball and chain necklace as a Giveaway for one of my readers!

What a doll, right?? 

So... how do you get your hands on this sweet (corny pun intended) prize??

Giveaway Rules:

Prize: One cupcake charm necklace.
How to Win: You must be a follower of Our Tiny Place. Also, check out Fancy Fab's Etsy Shop and tell me what item you'd order for yourself (she has some killer deals!), and leave a comment below!
Giveaway Ends: Monday, August 20, 2012 at 8 pm EST!!

**The fine print: One winner. One entry per follower. Prize ships anywhere in the USA. Winner will be notified via email.
** I was not perked for doing this Giveaway... my love for my cupcake necklace is the real deal, and I paid full price!


  1. First off, you are adorable! Yeah, I'm calling a grown ass woman adorable. Love your freckles, you couldn't be cuter.

    Anyway, from her shop (which is fabulous) I would order the leaf pendents. I love natural looking things and think they're so cute!

    1. Aw you are the best Sean, thank you! I never had freckles until I got pregnant with Lovebug. When I stop nursing they fade to the point of almost disappearing... Weird right?

  2. Love the party theme!!! Not sure if your bro knows, but I have a cupcake blog (I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I'm planning to get back to it soon! - http://www.thecupcakecrowd.com/) so your theme is near and dear to my heart! I love the leather bangles over at Fancy Fab and all those cabochons look like fun!

  3. I'd order the Fancy Sailor Anchor Necklace... super cute!!!

  4. love the wreathe! I'd like the owl pendant

  5. Follow you on GFC and my favorite item is Lavender Little Rose Bloom Stud Earrings

  6. I'd order the lime green cherry blossom earrings for Crosby :)


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