Fifty Things

If your children (child) are (is) anything like mine... then your house is full of crap.

The Bugs are spoiled rotten from every corner of their lives, which is a blessing, and a curse...

Sometimes it feels like the STUFF in my house is starting to take over.

Especially now that Ladybug is moving around 100 miles an hour, and gets her grubby mitts on everything she isn't supposed to.

Long story short... even though I make weekly trips to Good Will to donate stuff... I feel like the un-used items in our house are staying to seriously outweigh the used items.

Do you get me?

I told Husband I am challenging myself to get rid of 50 things this weekend.... whether it be by way of garbage, donation, or selling it on Craigslist... 50 things are peacing out of this place by Sunday night.

Ohandplusalso... I can't just take a 50 piece puzzle and be like, "Okay... I'm done."

A 50 piece puzzle, is one item.

The goal... is to feel skinnier by Sunday night.

I have no clue why throwing shit away makes me feel prettier and skinnier... but it does.

Anyone care to complete this challenge with me??

No? Only my house is full of 17,000 balls, trucks, and animals?? Cool.

You guys enjoy your clean closets, and non-bulging at the seams homes... and I'll get started ripping apart Our Tiny Place.


  1. I have been getting rid of soooo much stuff lately and it feels amazing!

    1. I think nesting is the most wonderful thing... and I wish everyone did it! All the time!

  2. I am in! But I am giving myself until Thursday since I just read this. The husband is totally in too, although he thinks I can get rid of 100 things (he's probably right, but you gotta start somewhere). Thanks for the motivation!


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