29 in 29 Update: Raw Fish

Here's where I ask you to give me a break and not bust my balls for being sheltered.... ok? Ok.

Last night I ate sushi for the first time ever.

I know, I know.

You are all raw fish professionals and I live under a rock.

I know.

In any event... thanks to our good friend Matt, who also couldn't believe that I had never eaten sushi... I can now cross that one off my list.

Here's the truth... I was so nervous about feeling squishy fish in my mouth and accidentally eating fish eyeballs (my fears can be slightly irrational), that I may have contemplated just deleting this one from my list altogether.

Yes. I was that scared.


For the record... I was all, "I'm just gonna take pictures of the food..." and Husband and friends were like... "you have to blog it with your picture in it, blady blah".

So this is real life... Yes, my hair often looks like a squirrel just burrowed in it. I'm starting a trend.

Anyway... I thought for sure no one would notice if I just pulled an old switcheroo on my 29 in 29 list.

The semi-permanent plan was to delete, "Eat sushi," and add something else... like, "Die my hair red," (I would kill to be a Julia Robert's ginger).

Except Matt would notice... because he is a sushi lover and expert.

You'd think he was a sushi salesman the way he talked about this stuff.

His knowledge was endless. It was a little weird.

But, truth is... it was actually good.

The sushi, not the knowledge.

It was super filling, which surprised me.

Maybe it's because I don't eat rice very often, but I got full after only three pieces.

But I tried a fourth anyway, because, Hell... you only lose your sushi virginity once.

Now Matt could tell you exactly what kind of sushi we ate, and where it came from, how the fish was caught, and what the fish's Mom's name was before it died.


I know I ate something called a California roll, and a Philadelphia roll that was full of Cream Cheese.

Like Philadelphia Cream Cheese... get it?

Husband ate some too, and was super brave considering he hates the texture of shrimp.

I actually loved all of it (not sure how I'd feel about it if I didn't dunk that shit full speed ahead into the soy sauce though)... and am already thinking about having it again!

BUT.... next time I am going to ask them to just cover the entire thing in rice.

 ...Just roll that thing around in circles until it looks like a freaking rice golf ball.

I was not, not, NOT a fan of seeing the fish, and how it looked all shiny and squishy.

The fish looking all fishy was what made me nervous I was going to puke before I even put it in my mouth.

That and ... legend has it that when my friend Katie was 18 she took one bite of a raw fish / rice combo, and puked in the middle of a restaurant in NYC. (Hi Katie!)

I was petrified the Insta-Puke would get me as soon as that stuff touched my lips...

Lucky for me... there was no voming involved in my the loss of my precious sushi v-card...

..Instead, I totally surprised myself by really liking it.

 ....Which is why I made this list in the first place; to learn new things about life, and more importantly, myself.

Mission Raw Fish Accomplished... only 25 more things to go!

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  1. You go girl! Way braver than I am, that's for sure. I tried one bite of sushi due to peer pressure once and spit it right back into my napkin. I don't like the taste of raw fish or seaweed. Who knows, maybe I'll give it another try sometime.

  2. Haha way to go! I agree, you're braver than me. I was supposed to do this like a week ago and it never happened.

  3. Way to go!!! I'm a sushi evangalist!

  4. Oh. my. god. I thought no one remembered one of the most embarrassing moments of my life! I am cringing at 18 year old Katie!

  5. California Roll & Philly Roll- that's total cheater sushi- everything is cooked! I will applaud you anyway though because you did try something new. On a "weird how much we have in common" note, my husband also will not eat shrimp because of the texture.

    1. Haha someone caught me! I specifically requested "pussy " sushi! I ate everything pictured in the post but only remembered those two names haha. Also.. our lives are freakishly parallel

  6. yummm! Love sushi! Now for the love of pete, watch the wizard of oz already!!!


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