Ladybug's Cupcake Outfit Plus Discount Code!

I mentioned the other day that there were quite a few out takes from Ladybug's 12 month photo shoot... and this post is chock full of 'em.

Fair warning... these pictures kinda suck, but the outfit looks good.

Ahh, the outfit.

In addition to wearing it for her 12 month photo shoot, she also wore this for her first birthday party (eventually I will get those pictures up too, hopefully before next year)... and I just can't even handle how freaking cute it is.
I have to give credit where credit is due... Husband picked it out.

I gave him a few options, and he liked this one the best.

For once, I'm happy I listened to him.

We got this little number from a cute etsy shop and if I'm going to be completely honest... (no one is paying me to say this)... I feel like I didn't pay the lady enough.

This outfit is beautifully made, you can tell looking at it that whoever made it knew what they were doing.

Every seam and ruffle is perfect.

I would bet that this little bubble romper would cost $45 in a trendy baby boutique... but I spent $16.99 on it.

I know.

Besides making super high quality stuff, the shop owner was also sweet enough to offer up a discount code for Our Tiny Place readers.
So... if you're interested in snagging something just as cute for your own little one...check out her shop here... and enter OTP500 at Checkout to receive Free Shipping!!

Enjoy, and Happy Shopping!

Growing Up...

The kids had joint physicals last week at the Pediatrician.

I know. WTF was I thinking right?

Well, I have to say... thanks to this kid... it was no big deal.

I'm pretty sure that is the most still my son has ever sat in his life.

He was an angel.

He was cooperative, and inquisitive.

I can barely eek these next words out without getting a giant lump in my throat.

He is a boy now...  not a baby.

I told our Doctor that I LOVE age 3 waaaay more than age 2... and she laughed.

A lot.

She was like..."Wow he musta been a BAAAD two year old... cause three year olds are the worst!"

I have heard that 3 year old's are hard work, but compared to the terrible two's... we are loving this age.

The main reason, is that Lovebug understands now.

He knows the difference between right and wrong, and he is aware of consequences.

He doesn't want a Time Out now, so he behaves and hasn't had one in ages.

Life is much more peaceful with a child who can comprehend the way a household works.

We are loving this age.

The silly faces...

The new opinions ("I want a pillow that is cold Mom, not soft,")...

The curiosity mixed with just enough bravery... and a tiny bit of fear.

He climbed all the way up there, but wouldn't slide down.
He is growing and changing every day, but there are still signs of my baby in there.

For starters... he is still doing this...

...Which I kinda hope he never stops doing... (I mean, it'd be weird to see a ten year old doing this, but it'd be funny, too.)

He still calls the basement the, "dumpy-dump."

He still calls lollipops, "yummy-pops."

He still wants, "Snuggle-Time," with me every morning... and or me to lay next to him and read a book every night.

Age three has brought such a new awareness to Lovebug, he is voicing his needs more about the kind of attention he needs... which helps take the guess work out of things for us.

Things aren't perfect, of course... but we are finally breathing easy after the tough spring we had with our then defiant little boy.

We cracked the case that was Lovebug's terrible-two year old attitude:

He needed more attention, and now... the more one on one time he gets, the happier he is, and the easier our lives run.

What a doll, right??


Let's Call Dad At Work & Tell Him...

I believe in making a big production out of everything.

 Celebrate all the things! Clap! Yell! Jump up and down!

Why the Hell not, right??

And because over-documenting, and over-sharing is simply a way of life now...

I ask you... to join the party, and get excited with us...

Because, for real, if there were ever a cause worth celebrating... this. is. it.

((**In case you missed it: "Dad... I wiped my booty by MYSELF!"))

Birthday Balloons...

Yes... we are still talking about Ladybug's birthday.

It's my blog, I'll do what I want.

You may remember when I told you about our birthday balloon tradition...

If not... let me refresh your memory:

Growing up, my mom put balloons in our rooms the night before our birthdays every year for our entire lives... and we do the same for our kids.

Truth be told, our tradition is not exactly what mine was growing up.

My mom actually put dollar bills into balloons and taped them to our walls, while I just blow them up and carefully throw them on the floor of the kid's rooms.

Here's why: they are 3 and 1... they get excited about a balloon on the floor, and if it was on the wall they would want it on the floor anyway.

Plus; I need all the dollar bills I can get (grand total of money made while blogging is still $0.00).

So, I'm keeping the cash for myself until the kid's are old enough to appreciate the joy that is popping a balloon to find a $1 bill inside. 

Anyyywaayy... This was obviously Ladybug's first year getting balloons in her room, and being the pain-in-the-butt-maniac baby that she is... she couldn't just play it cool.

Nope... she had to wake up half way through the night, spot the balloons, and scream and cry and beg with alligator tears to please please please have just one balloon in her chubby hand please please please.

The girl is obsessed with balloons.

She did not sleep the entire night once she saw those balloons... even after I took them out of her room, and hid them in the bathroom.

She knew they were still lurking somewhere, so she stayed up until 5 am screaming for them.

Yay. Super fun night.

Safe to say... if we have anymore children, they will not get balloons in their room until they wake up on their first birthday... never again the night before.

I'll give her this... she may be a diva, and she may have driven us up the damn freaking wall about those balloons... but she sure as Hell was cute once she got her hands on 'em.


Our Real Life Looks Like This...

If you knocked on our door, right this second... there is a good chance some, or all of this nonsense would be going on.

This is the real deal, how we live...

Ready... Go.

The kitchen utensils, the cardboard box hat, the random teapot, and travel soap dish...

This is the kind of chaos that dreams are made of...

Well, our dreams at least... this probably looks like a nightmare to some of you!

Truth: I Worry

I've gotten a lot of things from my kids.

Weird shaped boobs, for one.

Also... love handles, tiny white stretch marks, a grey hair or two, I'm sure.

Definitely wrinkles... the occasional heart burn.

I mean, they have given me good things too; laugh lines, a full heart, endless squeezes and kisses.

Something else I got from them?


And Mom guilt.

I worry... like, all the time.

I know that is apart of being a parent... but really, am I abusing the privilege??

I worry when Lovebug catches me hugging Ladybug, and vice versa, that one's feelings are hurt.

So then I go to the other one and hug them... and then back to the other one...

And pretty soon my freaking arms hurt from so much hugging, but I can't bear the thought of our kids ever feeling slighted, or left out.

So when you see me, and I look like Hulk Hogan... know I got these guns from excessive squeezing and hugging.

When I think back to all the reckless things I did in High School and College... I can not even believe I am the same person.

I had zero concept of consequences.


I am car seat anal, and playground anal, and don't-put-that-in-your-freaking-mouth-because-you-will- probably-get-the-Clap anal.

I know these are Mom things... but I stay up at night wondering... did I dance when they asked... was I believable in the role of Batman?

Did they eat enough broccoli? Are their teeth the right color??

Did I discipline too much? Not enough? Is he ever going to wipe his own ass??

I need to be clear about this...

I worry, but I'm not over bearing...

I want our kids to be who they were supposed to be... with no interference from me.

They are loud, they are messy, they show affection at the drop of a hat, and express themselves when they feel like it.

They are not judgmental... they do not care what kinds of toys other kids play with... they like all people, and think everyday is a party.

They are overly excitable, prefer their birthday suits to clothes, and celebrate Halloween almost daily.

Sometimes I can convince myself that I am giving them just the right balance between being a kid, and being cautious.

I have been the Mom of two kids for twelve months and twelve days... but I still worry that I just might be screwing these kids up pretty damn good.

I am not sure if I am doing any of this right, and I am so scared of that damn preschool teacher telling me all the ways I have messed up my kid's life... starting with telling him to be careful on the high slide.

I tell myself that worrying and Mom guilt come with being a good Mother... and that these things should be a part of my daily life...

I tell myself this... and hope that it's the truth...

...And that I'm not just some weirdo worrying nut-job... with a foul mouth, and kid's that hate shoes.

I hope that on your side of the computer, you're worrying too... about something dumb... just like me.

I hope I'm not the only one.


12 Months!!

And just like that... my monthly updates on my daughter are done.

I can't believe 12 months have already gone by.

 I honestly can't even believe I have a daughter, let alone one that is a full year old already.

The change in our Dollface from month 11 to month 12 was great... like... insane.

She is a full blown toddler now... she is 100% on the move, every minute, every second.

We have a walker on our hands.. she's a little shaky, but she is quick!

She is also climbing on the couch, up the stairs, on the coffee table, on the cat, on her brother, up the side of the pack and play... you name it... she scales it.

She does not stop. Ever.

Taking her 12 month pictures actually took two different sessions, because I couldn't get her to freaking smile, and sit still at the same time.

I did however, get her, "Do you smell that?" face.

This past month also brought dancing... and lots of it.

Girlfriend, bless her sweet little heart... she dances to any sound she hears: the TV, the phone, wind chimes, the timer on the microwave... she just loves to shake it.

I see endless hours of dance recitals in our future.

I also see some sort of food eating contest, and some sort of adrenaline sport.

She is well rounded to say the least... independent, with no fear.

Sometimes I get sad that Girlfriend is so independent...

She is just so different than Lovebug, who loves to be constantly hugged and kissed.

To be honest, Ladybug just doesn't stop moving long enough to even bother with us.

This past month also brought weaning, as in from the boob.

I have especially loved nursing Ladybug because it is the only time that she is ever still.

She is down to one feeding a day, and though I am sad to stop nursing, I know it is time.

Especially because as she grows, though she loves to nurse, she doesn't quite realize that my boobs are actually attached to me.

So she tries to nurse and flip around, and run and jump, but still keep nursing... picture it, better yet, don't picture it.

Is this too much information?

At her one year check up, Girlfriend tipped the scales at 24.8 lbs and was just shy of 32 inches long.

Flexibility? Check.
Interestingly, at her 9 month appointment in May, her height was just average... but now she is off the chart!

Weird... considering I am 5'1.

We are hopeful that this wont be the only growth spurt she will ever have.

Besides growing like a weed, walking, and climbing, Girlfriend is in babble mode all day long.

We are pretty sure it is some form of Baby-Chinese... because we hear a lot of, "ming-ming," coming out of her lately.

Her obsession with technology has grown, and she pretty much thinks she can Skype into the remote control, or the window on the oven.

The only new word she started saying this month, (aside from Mom-Mom, Dad-Dad, Lovebug's name, and Pop-Pop).... was, "ta-ta".... which she says in a weird gremlin voice right before she nurses.

I wish I was kidding.

Another reason I have to stop nursing, my daughter is looking at my chest and saying, "ta-ta,"... I suppose I should be happy she isn't saying, "hooter," or something, right?

She's pretty much always got this hand out stretched in a come hither / feed me gesture.

She is also still doing that weird, super deep, belly laugh.

It kind of reminds me of when Christina Aguilera or Aretha Franklin get all soulful and throaty.

Okay, that makes no sense... just watch the video.

I know... what is that?!

Is she a bear? Is she a hyena? Fat Albert?

Lovebug and Ladybug are still inseparable and still playing really nice together... butttt... she has definitely started to be more of a pain in the ass to him.

She needs to be by his side every single second. The kid has a full blown shadow in his sister.

She basically has to have every single thing he has... and she will scream her freaking head off at like dog-whistle volume, until she gets it.

She also just rips shit right out of his hand... and then he rips it right out of hers... you know, typical sibling stuff.

We are lucky that they still really like to play together wrestle each other... and are hopeful that they will continue to enjoy each other's company for a little longer.

Besides loving her brother... she basically thinks her father is her own personal clown, and squeals with joy every time she looks at him. 

She crawls 100 miles an hour the second she hears him come home from work in the afternoon.

There truly is something special about a father and his daughter, and I am so blessed to see it with these two.

Still no luck getting a pony tail into this weird baby mullet... though the back is getting significantly longer, and the top is getting... shorter?

I don't know... it's not growing, that's for sure.

Being one means Ladybug has definite opinions all her own on things now... for example... animals: love; car wash: hate.

She pulled some Houdini crap on me this past month, when she climbed out of her exersaucer while I was putting toys away in the closet.

I came back into the room and she was gone... like, not in the exersaucer.

I pretty much had a mental break down, started screaming, and running around the room before I noticed her sneaky little face just watching me panic while hiding under a table.

She pretty much finds herself hysterical.

And then there was today, when she knocked over a tall hamper, climbed on top of it, and started dancing while holding onto the wall.

I know.

I had turned my back for two seconds when I caught her table hamper dancing.

I gasped, and screamed her name...

She wasted no time immediately launching herself off the side of it.

 Just belly flopped herself right onto the floor... and crawled away.

So... yeh... life is going to be like that with this one...

Which is good... cause if she wasn't a little crazy... she wouldn't fit in with the rest of us.

Chubby Hand...

When we are in the car, and I jump at my children's every beck and call to keep them quiet while Husband drives give the kids snacks... Ladybug cracks me up.

Maybe you have to be her Mom to think this is hysterical... but after she takes a bite, she does this:

Find Ladybug's carseat cover here*

Holds her little chubby meatball hand out like... "More. Woman. More."

It kills me... I can't even take it.

And if you are extra observant... yes, that is glazed donut all over those sausage fingers.

What would road trips be without getting Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins for the kids??

Is that even a thing?

Is it even legal to not buy them?

I'm pretty sure it's not... I'm pretty sure it's a law that if you are driving hours on end with a 3 year old and a 1 year old you have to stop for munchkins on the way.

Law abiding citizen... right here.

*Looking for a replacement cover for your Britax Marathon / Roundabout?? Use coupon code GRANNY at checkout here to save 10%... just for being an Our Tiny Place reader!


Pre-School is Coming! Pre-School is Coming!

I am not sorry for one second that I don't go in to Corporate America every day.

I am head-thrown-back-high-stepping-toe-tapping-hand-clapping thrilled about it.

I am so fortunate to be home with my Dolls, to watch new magic and wonder hit them right smack in their cute faces every day.

With Lovebug starting preschool in two short weeks, I am starting to wonder, if I have prepared him enough for life outside of Our Tiny Place... life outside of being home with Mom.

I'm not sure, if I have to be honest... but I sure as hell try.

He knows to be polite, to give hugs and kisses, and apologize when he is wrong...

To use his imagination, look out for his sister, and help others if they are hurt...

To clean up his messes, to jump right in and get dirty, but... showers are important too!...

To be nice to everyone he meets, and to accept others just as they are.

I am so proud of my son for the way he celebrates and enjoys diversity... for the way he is curious, excited, and never judgmental.

He understands the importance of telling people how he feels, of when he has to poop.... of a good nap, and holding the door for his mother and his sister.

I have crammed as many life lessons as I can into three short years.

And in less fourteen days, he will set foot into preschool for the first time and I will have to let go, and just hope like Hell that I have done enough that he wont embarrass me, his father, or himself.

Until then... I am encouraging him to keep on changing the world... because that's what super heroes that carry a spatula and wear their Dad's dress sock, and their Mom's halter top do.

Street Market

Can you believe we went the whole entire summer not knowing that this goodness was going on in the center of our town?

I know.

There's seriously a lot going on in that picture and we had no clue it was all goin' down in our freaking backyard.

So this week, we took the Bugs down to the Street Market to see what all the fuss was about...

 ...It was the perfect right-before-bed-time activity they needed to get all their energy out.

Plus, we spent no money, listened to live music, saw people dancing in the street... oh yeh, and Santa!

Translation: we will be back next week... and every week until the end of time.

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