Wordless Wednesday

Anytime I can get a picture of my Dolls not covered in food, and actually looking at the camera I'm immediately like...

"OMG, OMG, OMG... look, look.. for the love of God will someone look at this picture that I just took?!!

 Is tomorrow Wednesday? I hope it's Wednesday... is tomorrow Wednesday?

Because if it's Friday, then I will forget about this picture by next week, and then it will live in my camera forever.

But if it's Wednesday..."

Thank you Wordless Wednesday...

Thank you for making me post pictures that I want to remember, for forcing me to post little snippets of our days.

Because, let's be real folks...  going to the store, buying a frame, and hanging it on the wall is too much freaking work for this chick right here.


  1. Just found your awesome blog by clicking over from... oh well, i can't remember where. anywho. love it. my kids are grown and i love reading your stories about your little "tornados"...they are too cute! needless to say, i'll be checking back.

    1. Thank you for checking us out, always happy to make someone laugh! Off to check out your blog too!

  2. They are such gorgeous kids :)


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