Weekend Warriors

We were busy this weekend... but in a lazy way.

We didn't go anywhere (yes!) but we got a lot done.

Like this:

We still need to transplant those day lilies to the left... and we aren't sure if we love or hate that center Christmas tree guy... but hey, progress is progress, amIright??

This all started last weekend when I was whining to my sister's friend who is a landscaper.

I told her I hated that garden bed and she was all... "Just rip it out with your car...it's easy."

I was hesitant to say the least.

Husband... was not.

He was like... "You want me to tie something to the car, and rip it out of the ground? YUP."

Men like that tear-shit-up type of thing...


Love that man. Loooove that man.

Lovebug was FREAKING OUT about Husband driving on the lawn, and the bush being attached to the car.

He did not take his eyes off the action for five seconds.

Girlfriend was PISSED that she couldn't stand with her main man and join the party.

She is such a faker.

The second her brother came back to the cage corral she was all,

"I missed you! I love you! When do we eat?"

Anyway... those big bushes in that bed were freaking KILLING me.

They were like two big, fat, hairy moles on the front of our house.

If you are like my Mother In Law... you are horrified at my anger towards rhododendrons.

Listen, truth is... pushed flat up against our house like that... they looked like shit for 50 weeks out of the year.

For the two weeks that they were in bloom they were gorgeous... but that's it.

Those bushes taunted and harassed me for four years... they had to go.

We ended up re-using almost everything in that bed elsewhere in our yard.

Lovebug's tree was a gift from Husband's family when he was born; so that guy, along with the perennials were transplanted to the back yard (near my 29 in 29 garden) (it's still alive).

The weed obviously got the boot, and the pavers are currently on Craigslist (buy them).

We are super anxious to get started adding some manicured shrubs and trees for a cleaner look...

You know, in place of the crazy, cramped look we had going on before.

Mind you... we know nothing about landscaping, except how to tie a tree to a car in order to end it's life.

Did you notice that I didn't mention what we did with the rhododendrons?

That's cause when we tore them out, we left half the roots in the garden bed... ie... killing them.


It's fine... I'm over the moon excited about the next step, and I am over those dumb bushes anyway.

I know... I have anger management at the rhodies... it's been years in the making.

Anyway... how about a Before and After one more time?

Just because I love the Christmas tree phallic symbol look of totally free progress:
Ahh.. much better.

I feel skinnier.

Don't you?

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  1. I like rhododendrons- they remind me of home. We never had them in our garden though, I just always saw them in the woods. The flowers can be kind of sticky though so it's probably a good things you got rid of them before the kids figured that out.


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