Lovebug asked for some ice cream.

Of course, with my crazy child... it is never as easy as, "Can I have some ice cream?"

Instead, he asks, "May I have ice cream with use-cream and sprinkles."

(Remember when he used to call sprinkles, "beans?")

I know what you're thinking.

You are thinking of that song... "I-scream, You-scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!"


I was too... but then I remembered I have never in my life said those words to my son.

And so began a game of process of elimination... which when played with a three year old, nearly always has a ridiculous ending.

I had no clue what the eff "use-cream," was... or why Lovebug wanted it with his ice cream.

I asked a couple more times, just to be sure... "Use-cream? That's what it's called?"

"Yes, use-cream... I yike use-cream... it tastes good in my tummy."

Okay... so we know for sure use-cream is edible.

"Use- cream?"

"Yes, in the can, with the top, and the thing."

Oh. Of course. The can with the top and the thing.

Lovebug got frustrated before I did for once, and dragged me to the fridge....opened the door and put the Whipped Cream in my hand.

"Use-cream, Mom. Use-cream. You know... it goes... USSSSSSEEEEEE."

Well whatdaya know.... Whipped Cream does sound like USSSSSSSEEEEE.


  1. Smart little man. Wow, he really is so cute. Now, can you please explain the paint brush in his mouth and bow on his head?

  2. That's funny- my nephew kept telling all of us to sit "applesauce" when we played with him and we had no idea what he was talking about. His mom eventually figured out that at preschool they tell the kids to sit criss cross applesauce when sitting indian style. Maybe teachers aren't allowed to say indian style anymore because it's not p.c.- I have no idea.

  3. Oh dear lawd, this made me lol. But then I went to your page with all of the quotes and I lolled til I cried with boogers dripping down my face.


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