"Man Up, Yady"

Lovebug has started telling me to, "Man up."

I have no idea where he got it from, but it makes me laugh, and honestly... it's good advice.

Ever since the day that Lovebug pulled the, "I need a vacation and a fireman," line on me during a particularly tough nap time... he has been amazing.

Like... why the eff didn't I stand my ground sooner?

That day (vacation and fireman day) was a wake up call for Lovebug.

For once in his life, I said what I meant, and I meant what I said.

And apparently, that is exactly what he needed... because he has been an absolute dream to be around ever since.

He is helpful, he is sweet, and so aware (aware, not gentle) of his sister and her needs....

He listens, and is polite.

He is reading books to us at night, and at breakfast.

He is well rested, and an absolute joy to be around... because HE SLEEPS

Willingly, no questions asked.

I honestly believe that sometimes kids want and need you to lay down the law... to tell them how it is going to be, to remind them whose boss.

Next time your toddler acts like a terrorist... remember Lovebug's advice:

"Man up, Yady."

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