Letting Her Do Her Thing....

People always told me before Ladybug was born that when I had my second child, I would be much more lenient.

They were right.

I am way more laid back this time around...so letting Girlfriend go nuts with her food, doesn't bother me.

Not one bit.

Girlfriend loves food so much, that I let her do her own thing... under my careful supervision of course.

I break pieces up super duper small, and I just let her go for it.

The girl just seriously appreciates every last morsel that she consumes.

She eats with reckless abandon, like a Tazmanian devil in love... she's all:

"You listen to me you delicious cracker.... I love you and don't care who knows it. I'm gonna wear your crumbs with pride. Right now. Go. "

And when she looks like this at the end... I just can't even take it.

I'm not even mad at the mess... I don't even care about sweeping the floors fifty seven times a day.

She's happy, I'm happy.
young and restless

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