Ice Smashing

Earlier today I posted this picture on my Facebook page... and told you guys how Lovebug was beating the Hell out of his toys with a meat mallet.

You may have tried this with your own kids by now (this project is EVERYWHERE online), and if you haven't yet you should.

I threw about fifteen of Lovebug's toys in a Tupperware bin, added water, and froze it overnight.

Then, I gave him his Thor hat, and a meat mallet (because we know that Thor has a magical hammer that controls wind, rain and lightning.. duh) and let him go to town.

It took awhile.

Like, an hour, maybe more to get them all out.

My job was to sit  in the sun and take pictures.

He even let me help.

Actually... he started to get claustrophobic for his friends and was all, "The frogs are COLD!!! Get them out!!!"

And then when I freed them (which took forever)... he was all, "Aww... hey fellas, how ya doin?"

I can't stand this kid sometimes he is so freaking funny.

We only ran into a brief snag when I suggested he "throw" the hammer at the ice.

Good thing I have cat like reflexes.... he damn near took my head off with that thing.

Of course I didn't mean actually, "throw," it... I meant, "wind up like when you throw a football..." "hold it over your head and really put your body into it..."

No matter what I said... my cues resulted in a hammer flying at my face.

I wanted to be mad. But he kept looking at me like this...

I know.

And I'm trying to be a tough guy but he is looking so freaking cute with his whole face/eye/everything combo that I just gave him a brief, "Please don't throw a hammer at my head, Dude," talk... and let him carry on with his toy smashing business.

And in case you are wondering... we had only one toy-meets-meat-mallet casualty.

Poor Captain America.

It's my fault really... I should have known better than to put a toy with an attached piece into the mix.

Don't worry... he is in, "Mommy's Hospital," as Lovebug calls it... resting up from a brief glue gun surgery.

And the whole time we were smashing ice and toys, my sweet little Girlfriend just sat in her high chair playing with a tiger and eating some goldfish.

What a doll... amIright?

I say it all the time... but I'm a lucky lady.

Nothing like a morning of superheros, tigers, and gold fish to put things into perspective for you.

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