11 Months

And just like that... we are only weeks away from her first birthday.

Ladybug went and turned 11 months on us... and here I am wondering how it is even possible that we have a daughter...a year later, it is still not real to me.

Her months in review look like this:

Every month I think the same two things: I wish I hadn't used a shitty cell phone picture for month 2... and I wish I had done this for Lovebug.

Oh well.

In case you have eagle eyes, or have memorized my blog... she is sitting on curtains  from her nursery in this month's photo... which were originally a set of $20 sheets from Home Goods.

This month Girlfriend kind of started becoming a real life toddler.

Lots of new emotions and knowing how to act in order to get what she wants sort of thing.

She also started walking with a push toy, which Lovebug didn't do until almost 13 months....

...A special thank you friends of ours who have no children and thought it would be a good idea to teach her how to walk... I will be sure to repay the favor when you have kids.

In case you are blind and couldn't tell by the pictures above, she is super duper proud of herself... she was all,

"Yes!! This is what I have been waiting for! Work for me fat thighs... WORK!"

Go Girlfriend... Go Girlfriend... Go!

To answer your questions:

Yes, she is wearing a onesie that says, "CROSSFIT," on the butt... Yes, Lovebug is wearing undies, Yes, it looks like my friend just ran over and knocked her down.

Aside from learning how to RUN with the push toy, Ladybug also learned to understand the word, "NO!" this month... in large part because I scream it at her seventeen times a day.

Ladybug is fiercely independent.

It must be a whole girl vs. boy thing, because I am not used to a child that doesn't want to be with me 24/7.

I feel like if she could, she would love to put me in my place, like... "Mom... I am not a baby. I got this. Let me be, Woman."

Girlfriend got Hand, Foot & Mouth this month... which I should have known was going to happen, because the chick puts every single thing she sees in her mouth.

...Like when she ate my deodorant two weeks ago... just shy of turning 11 months.

That was the day I lost my Poison Control virginity.

Picture me... having a heart attack...sweating... waving my palm in front of my face like... deep breaths, deep breaths.

Watching Ladybug, spit out white chunks of chalky arm pit freshener.... scratching at her tongue because that shit was stuck on there good:

"Hello, Poison Control? My daughter ate Dove Deodorant. Original Clean. Not Powder Fresh."

She was fine thank goodness, and Poison Control was super nice and made me feel like it was totally normal to eat deodorant.

I actually hung up the phone feeling like a good parent, and not one whose child eats toiletries.

I know. I was surprised too.

Girlfriend also went in a lake for the first time, and loved the shit out of it.

My Sister- In- Law was a super good sport about holding her while Girlfriend treated us all to a  super graphic swim show.

Dollface was obviously not amused that we were all laughing at her yoga swimming... hence the disgusted look on her face.

She was also not even remotely entertained by fireworks... and pretty much screamed her head off for an hour on the 4th of July.

The whole process of being weaned pisses her off too... poor little doll is not ready to give up being fed on demand whenever she damn well pleases.

Girlfriend is not shy about head butting me and ripping my shirt off whenever she feels like it... it makes me sad, but the time has come to claim back my tata's... slowly but surely.

She has started to cry in her sleep because she's teething... but doesn't actually wake up that often anymore. Phew.

The more teeth she gets, the more Girlfriend is hamming it up for the camera... like...

"Check out my teeth! I grew 'em myself!"

Her hair in the front is taking it's sweet time getting long, but the back (ie: the mullet) is getting shaggy/curly/wavy...almost time for pigtails... annnnny day now.

When she is tired... Girlfriend pulls the crap out of her poor hair, and ends up looking like a mad scientist.

For real.

This month Dollface became a total flirt around men.

Give her a room full of men and she is all smiles and head tilts... she is such a girl.

She even crosses her legs when she sleeps.

Of course this month's photo shoot would be the easiest, as it is the second to last one ever... that would happen.

Girlfriend showed us all her new expressions and was in super cute model mode the whole time.

Everyday we see a little bit more of her personality come through, and we are realizing that she is a indeed a crazy little nut... just like her brother.

She has begun to all out harass Lovebug; biting his feet, pulling his hair, stealing his toys... just about anything to get his attention.

We are lucky that Lovebug loves her, and understands that she is smaller than him.... I swear I keep waiting for him to haul off and deck her... she really does torture him.

But he loves her, and doesn't care one bit.

I am smart enough to know that this bestie-ness between the two of them is temporary, so we are enjoying it while it lasts!

The older she gets, the better they play...

Lovebug is helping her learn to walk and talk... and is more excited than anyone else that she is about to turn the big ONE YEAR!

Meanwhile... I am planning a birthday party, and begging my Doll to stay eleven months forever.


  1. Haha, she is quite the character!

    My niece is three and still eats crayons and other items that aren't food.

    Time flies so damn fast. Keep soaking it all up and taking pictures and writing about your hilarious children. (Not that you need me to tell you that.)

  2. What a ham! I love her chunky thighs! My girl's got some too and I love the mess outta them!


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