Yes Day

When I saw Lovebug and his Godmother laying in the grass together, "taking a nap..." I couldn't help but stop what I was doing just to take this picture.

Sometimes I am jealous of them, these other besties.

I don't have any nieces or nephews, but I imagine it is simply wonderful to play with a child that loves you, and whom you will never have to discipline.

What an amazing concept... just being a playmate.

Sometimes I toy with the idea of offering Lovebug a, "Yes Day."

Of course, I wouldn't actually tell him it was a, "Yes Day,"... but in my brain I'd know.

Anything he asked... within reason, all day long... I'd answer, "Yes."

"Can we eat hot dogs in your bed and watch The Hulk?"


"Can we go to the park, the bike path, bowling, the farm and the merry ground? Before nap?"


"Can I go to Target with no clothes on? And then the Gym?"


A day to just be his friend.

To be fun, not responsible.

To not have to remind him to be polite, to take a nap, to eat at the table.

To have the crumbs, and the laundry, and the pee all over the walls... be someone else's problem.

If I could just get Husband to agree to a " Daddy Cleans Up Our Mess Day," then Lovebug and I could have our, "Yes Day."

Good thing the NBA Finals are on... no better time to ask.

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  1. I love seeing my girls with their "auntie" That is so damn cute!


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