Why Are These Not Disgusting?

Here's the short story:

I made these grain free cookies that are chock full of CHICK PEAS... and they were not disgusting... they are actually really good.

The long story... 

Starts with Husband and I committing to a Weight Loss Competition with our friends from the Gym.

Picture four friends whining about having to put on bathing suits for the 4th of July, while shoving their faces with pizza.

And then... signing their summers away to a Weight Loss Competition... $20 a head to enter, $5 if we don't lose once a week on Weigh In Day.

I was all... "Let's just end it on the 4th of July! Mission Accomplished!"

And they're all...  "No."

So, fast forward to today, and our competition is in full swing, and with an end date of August 17th... whoever has the greatest percentage of weight loss, takes the whole pot of money.

What does all this have to do with grain free cookies??

Well, we decided to have our Weigh Ins on Friday mornings.

So all last week I'm nomming on broccoli and thinking, "Friday night, I am diving head first into a pizza box and not sharing with anyone! Not even the kids! Not even if they cry!"

But when Friday came, and with it... a loss on the scale... I didn't want to cheat anymore.

I wanted to continue eating well.

My sweet tooth was just dying for a treat though.

So, I googled a bit... and found these cookie dough bites, made with chick peas.

They are still cookie-esque, so they aren't as good for you as eating say, asparagus... but they are better than almost any other dessert I considered... and they actually didn't taste bad.

For real.

I know.

There are tons of chick peas up in these puppies, but for whatever reason, you can't freaking taste them.

All I tasted was peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla goodness to my face.

Try as I might... I couldn't eat just one. Or just two. Or just three.

Fuck. I ate four. Gahhh they were good!

I am a cookie connoisseur, and I am already planning on making them again this weekend.

Pizza Friday has officially turned into Chick Pea Friday... at least, until August 17th anyway... and then it will be Brownie-Cookie-Ice Cream Sundae- Cake To My Face Friday.

Recipe Sidenote: If you make the grain free jobbies: I added an extra 5 minutes to the baking time because they were too wet and I wanted more of a cookie texture and less of a doughey texture. The recipe also makes way more than it says it does. Too many cookies? Wah.

Disclaimer: I would feel like a cookie cheater if I didn't give a shout out to my all time favorite cookie. Tollhouse Original Cookie Recipe, you will always have my heart. My thighs and waist band too. I love you.

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