Tornado 2.0

Poor Girlfriend... she is one hundred miles an hour all the time, climbing, crawling, eating, eating, eating... sometimes, I just have to contain her.

If you ask me the only way to make sure everyone is safe with two little ones on the move... is to keep one of them where you can see them at all times.

Whether it's the pack and play, an exersaucer, a high chair... as long as she can't get out... we're doing okay.

Dollface is not a fan of this procedure... and hates when I force her to play in a confined area once or twice a day.

Seriously, she is such a drama queen. Husband puts her in the pack n' play and she just sits down and plays her face off.

Now when I put her in... it's a different story.

But she is a complete freaking faker.


She's lucky she's cute, because once she's out... Girlfriend is Hell on wheels.

She is into ev-ery-thing.

Everything. Everything. Everything.

At least I am used to it from Lovebug.

I used to worry a lot about all the clothes getting unfolded, and the floors crunching.

But Lovebug, aka, Tornado Numero Uno... he prepped me...

Over the past three years he has taught me that it eventually all gets done, and that what doesn't get done, probably isn't all that important anyway.

Why have one tornado, when you can have two?? Right??

 I love me some tornadoes.


  1. Haha, I love the captions for the pics. This post is my every day life!


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