Sweet Summer Time...

These pictures remind me of my youth.

My mom used to put myself, my big brother, and cousins into one of these outdoor kid corrals and let us play all day at the beach.

I wish I had an 80's-esque picture to insert here.

Anyway, I found this amazing kid pen at a tag sale last weekend ... I am pretty sure they don't even make them anymore.

As soon as I saw it I ran full speed ahead and held it over my head yelling, "GET BACK BITCHES! IT'S MINE!"

Okay I didn't do that but I did act totally cool and paid the lady and then skipped to my car.

Like la la it's all mine!

And gusess what?!

Today.... I got to clean out my car!!!!.... while the kiddos played together quietly in the grass.

And no one ate any leaves or bugs.

A pretty perfect morning if you ask me.


  1. That thing is pretty sweet! And I think your mom was a genius for using it at the beach. I wish I had one...but you're right...they're probably few and far between. Adorable pics either way!

  2. That would be absolutely perfect for the beach. Does Lovebug really stay in it and try not to escape?

  3. I need this play yard! Any clue on where to buy a new one?

    1. I literally only see that at tag sales (or yard sales, depending on what part of the country you're in) if you see one GRAB IT! They are amazing!!!


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