Sleep Training Update

Ever since the whole, "I need a vacation and a fireman!" day, Lovebug has been doing pretty damn amazing with his sleeping.

I was scared to write about it before because I didn't want to jinx it, but I think he might just be kinda sorta cured of his bedtime bullshit routine.

Either that or he is scared I will close his door and turn off the hallway light again.

 I honestly don't even care why he is going to sleep, just that he is.

So... since he has been on a pretty strict bedtime routine for just shy of a month now, an amazing thing has happened.

My former party animal, who wouldn't go to sleep until 1 am at my parent's house??

He can't hang anymore.

He needs his bed, and his twelve hours, and his book, and bath, and sleep time lotion (Aveeno Lavender, works wonders)...

So this weekend, when we hit two parties in a short three hour period and then got home forty five minutes past bedtime, Lovebug was a little thrown off.

And the next morning, well... he was a puddle.

A puddle of baby tired-ness.

He had gone to watch TV with his dad while I attempted to get dressed by myself (a weekend treat).

At some point, he told his father he was going to find me, and headed upstairs.

He never made it.

Because he got comfortable on the landing and passed out.

Yes. Lovebug still wears diapers to bed. One full year after getting potty trained.

Poor reformed frat boy.

Mommy wins.


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  1. My son still wears diapers too. Congrats on the sleep training! Such a relief!


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