Remember When...

I have always been up front and honest about being a crappy Mom as far as milestones go... at least, in real life.

I don't have one of those boxes with hair, and socks, and hand prints in them.

I have no clue what my kid's ate first, last...

That's why I started a blog.

I knew that I could hold myself accountable, and every day (ish) get my butt on line to write down one or two things that is going on in our life.

The idea was that one day, years down the line, when the kid's are in college (studying not doing keg stands)... I can pull out a book of blog posts and say... "Remember when?"

If it weren't for this blog, I would have long forgotten a lot that has already happened in my children's lives... not because I don't care, but because that's just how it is in real life folks.

Something like Lovebug's fear of the bouncy bridges at playgrounds....

I would never remember, but because I have this blog, I will likely one day stumble upon this post and laugh and say, "Remember how cute he was... standing on one side of the bridge??"

See... such a cute, totally rational, little fear.

Good effort right??

It gets cuter, and better.

Here comes his best friend, and Godmother swooping in to save the day and carry him across the threshold (I was too busy capturing the moment, obviously).

See how hard he is clutching her?? Adorable, I die.

I have carried Lovebug across many a bouncy bridge in our days together, and it doesn't matter the color, the shape, the amount of bounce, shimmy, or shake that bridge does... he is not having it.

Lovebug wants nothing, nothing to do with bouncy bridges.

I love that about him... because it means that he is old enough to understand his own fears, and young enough to still need his Mama (or Godmother).

I'll take it, write it down... and remember it for years to come.

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  1. Yep, I'm definitely glad I have a blog to jot down all the little, boring, everyday moments that make up my daughters life. Even when I feel like no one else is interested in reading the stupid shit I blog about I remember one day I will be so happy I put it in a blog. :)


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