Messy Party!

Lovebug's favorite thing to do is get messy-- so for his first ever kid's birthday party... we made a big ol' mess!

First, I had Lovebug finger paint the invitations... AND the envelopes.

The invites instructed parents to bring their kiddos in bathing suits, with a towel and a change of clothes.

The party began with me holding a big bowl of chocolate pudding out for the kids to put their hands in.

Not everyone was as "on-board" as Lovebug.

The idea was to have the kids put one hand in, so they'd have one dirty hand, one clean hand.

I wanted to play a game with them... basically like Simon says, but with pudding hands... so they'd get messy, but slowly in a silly way.

Well, the game didn't work out that well because the kids were a little hesitant to get messy at first.

All but one.

This kid loves to get messy... obviously.

From the pudding we moved on to painting, with fingers paints, food coloring and shaving cream.

I had laid two 6 foot tables flat on the ground and taped poster board with the kid's names on them to the tables.

I set up a small table where each kid could mix shaving cream and food coloring together (with spoons) to make their own paint.

I provided no paint brushes, hoping they'd get messy.

Lovebug's friend, "Squeak", who hates to get messy... somehow out smarted me and ended up painting with his mixing spoon. Sneaky.

Yes, that is pudding running down Lovebug's face... this was after I dumped a bucket of water on him to clean off the original pudding mess.

After awhile everyone kind of spread out in all messy directions, some kids stayed with the paint, and others ventured back to the pudding for a second try at the deliciousness.

Ladybug, much to her disappointment, was confined to her stroller... forced to watch the mess from afar.

When we did let her crawl in the grass for the first time ever... she was totally chill and not over excited at all...

Jussst kidding...

She actually started crawling 100 miles an hour and squealing with excitement.

Girlfriend was all....

"Shut up, you shut up right now, you delicious grass or I will dive into you and eat you like the green spaghetti that you are."

And so she did....

(Sorry, I know I shared this picture last week... but the fat thigh, the foot... it never gets old.)

Anyway, Lovebug got bored of painting the poster board and decided instead to paint his feet...

 Annd....  his arms (is it just me, or do you see a resemblance to The Hulk??)

The kids also got to throw water balloons, run in the sprinkler, and dig in a kiddie pool full of dirt for prizes I had hidden for them.

This party was Lovebug's happy place.... I am not sure I have ever seen him so happy and excited in his entire life.

Obviously, the messy party got the best of me too...

My hair, my arms, my clothes... there is no excuse for my tongue hanging out of my mouth like that though.

Ladybug on the other hand, she can get away with the open mouth look...

Girlfriend took one look at that cake and dove in head first.... if you couldn't tell.

Safe to say my kid's love the messy... and I'll be throwing a party like this every year, for the next 18 years...

Better buy some more pudding.


  1. what a great idea for a party! I've never heard of that idea before. Jake loved getting messy too. In daycare they'd play with shaving cream and while some kids wouldn't touch it, he'd be covered from head to toe. Good memories. =)


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