Internet Life, Meet My Real Life

I have a bazillion cousins.

I'm talking just first cousins.

My dad is one of 6 and my mom is one of 8, so after a lot of baby making... I ended up with 27 first cousins....

Which means... there are bound to be more than a few of them that I never see.

So, when my cousin Julie messaged me and told me that her and her friend read my blog, I was excited, and shocked (I have readers other than my brother?).

 I mean, if I see Julie and her sisters twice a year, it's a lot.

Anyway, Julie has been a reader for awhile, so she knows that I believe in an Open Door Policy, the More the Merrier type-a-thing at home.

So she just went a head and sent me a message and was all... "Can we come to dinner to see Our Tiny Place in action?"

I was seriously touched.

And surprised.

Again... people read this??

She came to dinner on a Saturday night with her friend Kate... who was officially the first person I have met in real life that reads my blog, that doesn't actually know me.

It was kind of cool, and kind of weird.

Like she knew me, but I don't know her.

It was weird, but in a good way.

Like Jell-o... or a thong bikini.

Before they showed up, I was like... "What if they think I'm a big phony and none of the shit that usually goes on, actually goes on??"

And then... they showed up, and I walked downstairs to find Lovebug had stripped himself down to his birthday suit.

Okay, so things were actually exactly how I write it.

Real life, meet my Internet life.

I always wonder about my blog, if people like what I write, why they read, if they'd read it they didn't know me... if they have things they'd like to see changed, etc. etc.

It was so interesting to pick their brains, and hear them spout off their favorite Lovebug stories.

Really, my mind was blown. I think my mouth was open the whole night.

A few days after Julie and Kate came to dinner, we met up with Julie and her sisters, Mary & Carol to hit up a playground with the kids.

It's nice because these are cousins I never, ever get to see... and now I've seen them twice in two weeks.

Plus, they had never met Ladybug, and blogging has let them have a view into my life... and get to know me better, like cousins should.

So I got to thinking... maybe I have another reader out there (could there possibly be 3 of you?!) ... and maybe you want me to burn you something for dinner, or make you some chickpea cookies....

Consider the invite on the table.

You let me know when you're coming.

Oh yeh, and PS... I am a terrible blogger and took terrible pictures of my Real Life meets Internet Life dinner with Kate and Julie, so I have nothing exciting to show you.

Apology accepted? Great. Thanks.


  1. Awe you're like a celebrity now! I wish I lived close enough to come over for dinner. We could bust out some of your expired pasta ;)


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