I Made This

We had a bare wall that was driving me insane.

I knew exactly what it needed, but couldn't find anything similar anywhere.

I searched the entire Internet for art that was big-ish (24' by 30'-ish)... bright... and bold.

I also wanted it to say something that would mean something to me, to Husband, and one day... to the Bugs.

I also wanted it to remind me of something every time I walked by it.

Something unique, and cool... not generic...

Kind of a tall order for a piece of art.

Too tall apparently, because wouldn't you know it... what I wanted doesn't exist.

So I made it.

With a white canvas (24' by 30')... yellow paint (4 different shades), one of those craft sponge brush jobbies, and vinyl decals (6 inches tall).

I went for it during nap time, so it took about two total hours from start to finish.

I put the decals down, and painted... that's it.

Oh yeh, and I had to cut the letters of "CHILDREN," down smaller... that was the only hiccup in the whole thing.

I was super nervous to pull the letters off, but was pleasantly surprised when I did.

Okay, truth is... I hung it on the wall and ran upstairs to Husband who was napping and was like, "I didn't screw it up! Wake up! I think it doesn't look bad!"

And he agreed, it didn't look bad... it actually looked good... "Like an album cover."

It's not perfect, but it's close enough for me.

And the bare wall?

Not so anymore.

And if you weren't raised by hippies (like I was)... or are just a young gun (like our dollface babysitters)... the line, "Teach Your Children Well..." is from a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song.... give it a listen.

Oh yeh, and the winter to summer before and after....

I hemmed and hawed for weeks about what to write on this piece, and I couldn't be happier with the message I chose....

I am a firm believer that kids are little sponges, learning every minute, of every day... only the things that we teach them (well).


  1. love it! I've been wanting to try something like that but I can't think of what to say. and I love your house!

  2. so cute.

    where are the patterned pillows on your couch from? im currently searching high and low for some affordable couch pillows...

    1. I love to shop the sales at Pier 1... the green ones were 6 bucks a piece, the patterned ones came with the couch


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