Wordless Wednesday- Photo Dump

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man...

I am sad for this milestone, as it pushes you one step closer to being a grown boy.

I am selfish, and wish you'd stay a baby forever.

I will cry buckets the day you no longer ask for "snuggle time".

You have changed my life in so many wonderful ways...

You have shown me what it means to be alive.

You are kind, funny, sweet, loving, loud, messy, energetic, excited, smart, happy...

You have taught me more in three years than I ever knew possible.

You have made the world magic, new and exciting...

You make every day entertaining, and a little crazy.

You are exactly what a little boy should be.

Never change my love. Never change.

I love you now and forever.


  1. Arell, It was so nice seeing you, Sandy, Easton and Baker this weekend. The kids are beautiful. Tell Easton I'm sending "knuckles" his way. Love, Andy

  2. Happy Birthday to your perfect little boy!


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