What The??

Remember when I told you that people were googling:

Can I Febreze my vagina??

And ending up on my blog??

Yes, of course you do... how could you forget?

Really, how could you??

So... yesterday I am going through all the bloggy stats and business on my side of the blog, and I see that people are once again googling something a little strange... only to end up here, at Our Tiny Place.

Sometimes, I honestly feel bad for these people...

Especially those that are even considering air freshner in their hoo-ha... for real, if it smells that bad, SEE A DOCTOR!

Okay sorry, I know, I can't let the Febreze in the vagina go.

Anyway, yesterday I am looking through my stats and I find this:

 Okay... these people were clearly having a bad day... and then they ended up here.

 How? I honestly have no idea.

At some point I must have written about pimps... and red lights... and garbage trucks...

And somewhere out there, there is someone who is interested in learning more about their friend the pimp's bad day.

I am so sorry for the family of the pimp... I truly do hope he is okay.

The lesson here, is that you should always stop at red lights.

Oh and also... there are no pimps here at Our Tiny Place.


  1. Mine usually aren't that bad but I've gotten a bunch of hits from people searching for 'porn cakes'. Hmmm?

  2. i am relieved to hear that someone other than me is having completely random tag words {and referring sites for that matter} lead them to your blog.

    relieved i tell you.

  3. OMG im dying!! "can I febreeze my vagina"! I get weird things but nothing like this! I kinda wish I did. I always am getting hits from weird websites that aren't even in English

  4. Ha ha ha ha !!!!

    And porn cakes???

    LOL for real!


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